WrestleMania has been moved to the Performance Center

I would disagree with this on a regular day, but with more and more of the general population being in isolation and needing things to do, the network is more valuable than its ever been


The raw after wrestlemania will be “who’s going to move up to the main roster in the PC”. Strange concept.

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They are also releasing new movies coming soon direct to consumer. Goodbye movie theaters

They are also delaying huge blockbusters like Mulan, No Time to Die, etc. when though Disney and Sony spent millions on advertising.

Those films will be HUGE in Q3 and Q4 as people want to get back to normal. The movie theaters that are able to survive the next two months should be okay by the end of the year.

But the larger economic impact of the coronavirus will absolutely be massive.

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Wrestling without an audience is weird, but maybe we will all be used to it by WM time. A 7+ hour show without an audience seems so strange. I think they may want to consider breaking up WM into 2 or 3 nights this year because of the special circumstances.

I think AEW should maybe do extended 2 hour episodes of Being The Elite instead of a typical in-ring TV show for now as well.

Definitely agree on this. What sets AEW apart is their creativity and willingness to try new things. The empty arena dynamite seems like such a strange decision.

Or they could just air after dark and old PPV matches.

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I dont know why so many people want WWE & AEW to replay old matches. That is just begging for fast forwarding, for me. If I want to watch something, I will seek it out. I dont need them to choose what old stuff to watch.

Either have a new show, with fresh stuff, or just call it off and send these guys home and then play the old stuff. I dont like the mix.

i do agree with you well I meant WWE logic in why they still powering on with mania. (90 percent is pretty high i admit) many people do get the network for Mania alone plus many have the network watch PPV only or new content. I do know a few people when the story Vince may sell PPV rights People said they would cancel the network. as many casual don’t care about the library. Of course self isolation is clamoring for people to pass the time so stream hours will go up maybe network subs. I have been thinking since WWE is already losing money plus everyone else maybe make the network free for everyone for a week or month. Make it so you don’t even have to sign in anyone (at least states) can go on and click any video and watch like Youtube. Only for a week or month builds good will may bring in casuals old lapse fans or even new fans looking for entertainment to pass the time and when everything gets back to normal maybe ratings and subs go up.

I don’t like the mix either. That’s why I think they should just keep talent safe and at home and air some re-runs or best ofs.

Considering there is no other lives sports right now, a Best of Wrestlemania or something like that could get a pretty decent rating

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My foot is in my mouth this morning. AEW was great!

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There is NO CHANCE Drew McIntyre should win his match. Zero! Can’t blow that moment in front of an empty set.

This sets up perfect for Roman beating Goldberg! No Boo’ing

Cena Fiend match will be much better if they can use the surroundings to their advantage. Over/Under 2.5 lights out spots

I heard Drew/Brock is a part of the Night 1 card so I think you may be right in that Drew might not win. It sucks because Drew was getting really over as a face. I wouldn’t have him lose clean or even by pinfall though. Maybe have Brock get DQ’ed or end with a spectacular spot that makes it a no contest similar with what they did with Brock and Big Show in 2003. By Summerslam, life should hopefully be somewhat normal and Drew’s win could be one of the first big moments in front of a reinvigorated and hungry live crowd.