Wrestlemania nowhere near a sell out

Just checking Ticketmaster and a week and a half out and there are tons of tickets available.

Saturday - https://www.ticketmaster.com/wwe-wrestlemania-tampa-florida-04-10-2021/event/0D005A50C68F9921

Sunday - https://www.ticketmaster.com/wwe-wrestlemania-tampa-florida-04-11-2021/event/0D005A70FB919E40

It’s proof to me that this is a cold Mania, the build has been brutal overall and people just aren’t that willing to gather right now. Also the ticket prices are flat out ridiculous.

Checked out Sunday there and going through each pod available, if every specific seat group listed is all they have, my math has it at ~420 available tickets. There was ~30 pods available for each of the 1,2,3 groups, 40 for the 4s, and a couple left for 5s and 6s. Not sure if it’s the same for Saturday, but that,doesn’t seem terrible having been on sale for only two weeks, in strict pod sizes, and no international sales to push the rush.

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Let’s blame the build and forget about the worldwide pandemic crisis.


If there wasn’t a pandemic and things were normal, the build wouldn’t fucking matter. People would be flying in from all over the world.