WrestleMania Press Conference Predictions

Lots of people thinking Rock or Roman wrestling twice which I don’t see

Cody vs Seth will be fantastic

It will be mega predictable. The pop for Cody finally beating Roman could have been huge.
Cody beating Seth will be - meh. Sure the match will be good, maybe great even but it won’t be one we’ll remember of 5 years I’m sure

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This will be the fourth time in less than a year that Cody and Seth have had a big singles match. I just don’t care one bit. Especially after Roman shit all over Rollins and the title. Means nothing

They havent had a match in well over a year actually. But you’re not wrong. Cody beat him three times and it wasnt that long ago. While it should be good ain’t no one clamoring for this.


The trio of Seth/Cody matches were in 2022, so it was in the last 2 years.

We have already seen Cody vs Roman by that logic and haven’t seen Rock vs Roman

Right, my bad. WWE matches just blend together for me. Especially whatever Rollin does.

Yeah I have no problem with Rock/Roman but the way they got to the match is just shitty storytelling.

Will someone ask more Vince allegation questions, or will it be off limits ahead of time?

I can’t believe they have me watching a press conference for an event I don’t haven’t cared about in years held by a company I don’t even like. I’m a fucking sucker.

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Goddamn they got 170,000 viewers live on YouTube right now. That’s like a light Rampage number.



What the hell is this? Why do they have those cheesy graphics for entrances at a press conference? :joy:

I’m not going to lie, I have zero to desire to watch a wrestling press conference. Even if a serious question is asked, you aren’t getting anything of substance. You’re either going to get a “no comment”, a deflection, or a non answer.

Quarter-minute breakdowns brought to you by McThurston72 of Streamonomics.

195k for HHH. Bit of a dip to 189k for Bianca Belair. Enter Rhea Ripley.

197k 7:31

Enter Becky Lynch.

200k 7:32 With Becky and Rhea.

209k viewers for the Pizza Hut ad break. Pizza Hut execs rejoice. Who’s hungry?

215k for Seth Rollins. Here comes Cody. Nevermind here comes Roman. Immediate spike to 220k.

225k 7:45… 235k peak for Roman. IF YA SMELLLL… what 240k viewers are cookin.

250k 7:50… 274k for the Bloodline family tree reveal (big draw). 281k peak for Roman + Rock + Seth. Enter Cody.

300k 8:02… 309k as they cut back to the panel. Think this is the peak.

Is this the biggest streaming event in the history of the company? Gotta be. Source: Trust me, bro.


Bhahahahahah they didn’t announce anything


The entire WWE Universe heard Cody say the words “but not at Wrestlemania.” WWE is trying to gaslight me and I won’t have it.


It’s crazy to me that the match no crowd wants to see can somehow draw 300k viewers for a free show on YouTube but what do I know. If this is the sort of engagement this booking is going to garner, then I’d imagine they are gonna keep on going in this direction.

Personally, I thought the promo battles were good. Becky and Rhea had a solid back and forth. The crowd was hyped up for everything. I kind of like The Rock as a heel; the vibes of this situation remind me of Rock vs Hogan. Consider me sports entertained.

Look, I remember being mega excited when I was 15 for the “WrestleMania Rage Party” on the eve of Mania XV.

That didn’t event have anything of substance, but my 1998 self was excited to watch The Corporation, and Steve Austin be in the same building, as Issac Hayes and The Cherry Poppin’ Daddies played their hits.

The more things change the more things stay the same.

Edit… Enjoy!

I don’t ever wanna see anyone complain about AEW booking again after this debacle