WrestleMania Press Conference Predictions

Is see you point, but it’s the only way I can see Cody naturally coming out of Mania from a story perspective as a double champ. Also, if somehow Priest end up with a title, fans are going to shit on him.

I see your point though, it may convolute it more.

I’m glad the whole angle is getting universal praise. Then you had the Punk commentary. You can potentially even see Pat McAfee maybe foreshadowing a heel commentator gimmick.

This is me totally fantasy booking way into the future. Perhaps we could finally get a Roman face run later in the year after The Rock eventually turns on Roman for losing to Cody and takes over The Bloodline. And we get our Rock vs Roman at 41. Rock’s heel turn opens up so many possibilities.

The only thing I’d have differently last night is have Seth get a good punch on The Rock right after Rock slaps Cody.

I don’t know what the plan was for Money in the Bank way back in July. But it is (or always was) a year where the calendar said “Money In The Bank” so they had to do it. And now Priest, as much as I like him, is a midcarder who can’t conceivably cash in on either World Champ. Even Gunther is above him with a 600+ day IC Title reign, and cashing in on Logan Paul would make zero sense. So, I don’t know. Maybe they have him cash-in and lose at some point?

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Agree with all this……that’s why I posed the idea of Rhodes taking it from him because he’s just so much lower than all these other performers, and I say that as a fan of his.

I don’t know why they insist on dragging out the money in the bank contract. There’s been many times when Preost should have cashed in and they could have screwed him if they didn’t want to win.
I wouldn’t be suprised if his time simply ran out at this point as they don’t seem to be making a thing of it any longer

They really need to start normalizing the honorable cash in. It seems like for the last couple years now they can’t afford to gamble on the MITB winner and so they leave the cash in at the last minute and then make them look like dummies in the end. They could have picked a dry month and had Priest call his shot against Reigns at a PPV, had a fun quick feud between the JD and the Bloodline, Priest fights a good fight and loses and at least could establish himself as a contender.

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That would make him look like a complete moron to just not cash in. I get your point with the non cash-ins, though that’s fixable, you just need to do a segment where Rhea gives him shit for waiting for the “perfect time” and maybe the deadline gives it a bit of intrigue. I’d still have Cody take it from him, even if it’s after Mania.

“Punch him in the teeth. You gotta fight.” Punk was so great at the end.

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I just watched this and I dare someone to argue against me: this was more entertaining than an episode of Raw or SD. 100% drama that ended in everyone openly going “…what IS going to happen???”

Drastically better than Cody showing up on say SD to challenge Roman.


Nothing to argue there mate. This was outstanding. WWE put the segment up on their YouTube and I popped again on the rewatch.

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Absolutely… Punk and Big E’s off the cuff commentary was just chef’s kiss.

At the beginning, Cole asked both of them what main event they wanted. Punk said he wanted Roman vs Cody because Cody won the Rumble but he understood Roman vs Rock because of the box office. Big E was like ‘fuck that, I want Cody’. It was brilliant.

That’s a pretty low bar. Maxine botching moves in front of dead crowd or the biggest stars talking shit. Gee I don’t know

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I mean my three year old watching word party is better then Smackdown or RAW


If you look at the highs of Raw (ie. a main event Gunther match) the show can be really good. If you look at the lows (ie. Maxxime vs Rhea) its pretty low. I dont think its fair to bash the show from beginning to end because of the low points. The show is 100% too long, but there is good stuff. Raw, SD, Dynamite etc. they all have good and bad.

Raw is my least favourite of the three because of the length, though I FF through a lot and I watch over 3 days lol. Raw has some good stuff though, almost every time Gunther or Chad Gable are in the ring its must see IMO and guys like Punk, Drew, Cody etc. are all great on the mic.

The 90 min ad-free Hulu version of Raw is the best weekly wrestling show. Also if you are like me and watch Raw on a delay, the length is no longer a problem.

Having said that, I really wish it goes back to 2 hours.


Well, I got to be honest, I dont think I have seen this much discussion on social media about a Mania main event in a very long time. You can definitely argue that they did piss off some fans with the gymnastics to get to where they got, but you cant argue that people aren’t talking about it. I wonder if they are planning on doing Rock vs Cody at SS???

Streamers are going nuts for it all.

Yeah I think they stumbled into a better match/build than they would have done if they stuck to the “Finish Your Story” arc that they had mapped out in the first place.

They put bigger odds against Cody now that justifies them running Roman vs. Cody back for a second time. Without Rock throwing a stick in Cody’s spokes this Cody/Reigns build would have been basically a tired retread of last year.

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Is it possible for something to make perfect sense and zero sense at the same time lol? I suppose, if a guy isn’t medically cleared, then you can’t cash in your contract for a sanctioned title match with him. But after more than a decade of seeing people cash in on half dead opponents, it feels kind of off.

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Its kind of like how the entire idea of wrestling is to hurt your opponent so badly they can’t kick out of a pin, yet if there is an injury the ref needs to check the opponent to make sure they can continue therefore stopping the other wrestler from scoring a pin. Obviously they need to do that for the health of the performer in real life, but within the realm of kayfabe its a weird one to explain.

Imagine in the UFC a guy is almost knocked out, the ref stops it, checks, then stands them up and says continue hes ok. Would never happen lol.