Wrestlemania Tampa (36) rumors discussion

I don’t think a squash match against Goldberg makes Riddle a star, even with all the tv time he would get to build up the feud. It would just make him look like a chump.

You could argue that someone like Riddle should win then. What does Goldberg gain by winning? But I just don’t see Riddle at that level yet where he deserves that kind of spot. And the whole point of putting on an attraction like Goldberg is just for him to do a Jackhammer, Spear, Pin. I’m not interested in seeing him do much else.

Riddle should win

He’s main event material. There is massive money once he’s ready in him vs Brock etc

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Two battle royals sounds dreadful

Don’t send them home; send them to NXT or NXT UK or NXT Worldwide. Mix it up. Open borders within the Universe.

Who wouldn’t be down for an Gallows & Anderson vs UE where these guys can work. Shelton would be perfect for new guys coming in. Put them on more Network shows. Look at the success of a NWA - you telling me you can’t craft a good show with a small roster that would draw eyeballs on the Network (maybe not subs, but views). If the matches are good

Its a discussion for another thread, but there is so much you can do with the roster they have signed and resources they already have committed to touring and the network.

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I’m interested in him running into a knee from Riddle and getting tapped out in 90 seconds. Makes Riddle a star, that is how you do it. It is nonsense to think that if you believe someone can be a star that you need to wait until they are a big deal to make them a big deal.

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You either cut guys or use them how they are used now. I mean do you really think No Way Jose is going to get a main event push, he isn’t even mid card his is a jobber. WWE is very bad a mobility between tiers so people are what they are when they start as often as not.

He does his job. Fans love him and he hyped up the crowd and makes others look good. I like him where he is

I said this elsewhere but I think Charlotte could easily challenge NXT saying she wants to face the best of the best. Since November they have clearly depicted NXT as the strongest women’s division on the 3 brands.

1.) Rhea won a 3 way against Charlotte and Sasha.
2.) Rhea fought even with Becky on NXT before Baszler attacked
3.) Team NXT won Survivor Series with 3 survivors (though that was kind of gimmicky), but had 3 women out of the last 5 remaining even before the return of Io and Lerae.
4.) Shayna wins champions triple threat at Survivor series.
5.) NXT dominates the women’s rumble they had 11 entrants more than either RAW or Smackdown. NXT women eliminated 17 entrants (Bianca and Shayna 8 each) way more than the other brands, had 6 of the top 15(RAW 4, SD 1) and 4 of the top 10 (Raw 3, SD 1)

So I can see her challenging the NXT champion at mania saying she wants to face the best.

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Ok you’ve convinced me that this scenario could actually work. I guess my issue is still that I don’t see Riddle at the level of deserving this kind of spot. I see him as an NXT mid-carder below Cole, Balor, Gargano, Ciampa, Lee and Dream.

On such a long card hopefully they just leave the Goldberg match off entirely.

In fact, that’s a good question. If WWE was going to do another “legends” match at WM (in addition to Edge vs Orton) would you rather have:

  1. An Undertaker match
  2. A John Cena match
  3. A Goldberg match

I would list The Rock but I don’t think there’s any chance of that unless its a WM32 style impromptu squash match.

Riddle is only a “mid carder” because the timing hasn’t been right to pull the trigger on him as champ. He has always been put on a level with the guys you mentioned. I mean he dominated Dream in their match but got countered into a quick pin.

As for legends match I have 0 interest in Taker anymore I mean what’s the point the streak is long gone, and he is not good in the ring.

A motivated Cena is probably my top out of that list unless it is Goldberg jobbing to Riddle to set up WWE doing something with him on the “main roster.” He needs a character change in general (see is PC YouTube video about the rumble he sounds way better than his character.), but I think that is the way to go with him.

I think they’ve mishandled Riddle big time since the NXT tv launch and there is zero chance he’s on Mania.

He lost to Cole, lost to Dream, lost to Balor, lost at Survivor Series, eliminated in no time in the rumble.

He’ll probably have a multi tag match for the belts at Takeover Tampa. Or a “ladder match”

He should be on the main roster by now easily but he’s just wasting time on nxt

Riddle has an attitude problem. Meltzer said that’s why Vince is punishing him

I’d actually like to see the title off The Fiend and have him squash Taker. Otherwise no use for Taker.

What about Black vs Goldberg and Black hits him with his finish in less than a minute. That would put Black over


Why would Goldberg or UT agree to that?

You fail to see that rich people don’t do dumb stuff for money

To get paid. I doubt either guy cares about their legacy, they both want to Saudi Arabia so all they care about is cash

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If they don’t agree to getting beat (and in Goldbergs case fairly quickly) I have no use for either of them anymore. No reason to put 50 year old part timers over current talent.

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I think they like money and we know have no morals considering Goldberg is a Jew that went to Saudi Arabia but I don’t think they want to get squashed. Especially with AEW around they could always go in there for a one shot so will keep themselves strong

C’mon you can’t be serious?

And wtf does Goldberg’s religion and going to Saudi Arabia have to do with anything? You realize that doesn’t make any geopolitical sense right?! You sound ridiculous. And also really dumb. Sorry man.

You realize SA doesn’t let Israel passport holders in right? I mean it’s definitely a little odd he would go and perform given his background.

I think it’s gross anyone went to perform. I realize that a lot of these guys are all about the money and not some upstanding humanitarian but I would think someone like Shawn Michaels or the UT doesn’t need the money that bad. I guess I was wrong

You should do more research on the relationship between Israel and Saudi Arabia. I digress.
No such think as enough money.