WrestleMania Theater

I don’t know if a lot of people have took the time to watch the series of matches in the ‘WrestleMania Theater’ collection on the network this week, but I’ve watched through several on this snowy afternoon.

It’s a better spin on past matches than what was WrestleMania Rewind initially when the network launched a couple years ago.

Has anyone else watched any of these?


I’ve only watched the first one (Undertaker vs Edge) but I am hooked and plan on watching all the matches they have available. It’s fascinating rewatching the match through all the camera angles that we’ve never seen before. I highly recommend everyone checks them out.

I’m really looking forward to seeing Lesnar vs Reigns from WM31 in this format and comparing it to last nights match. I remember the WM31 match exceeding my expectations before the cash in while last nights match was disappointing but maybe they are more similar than I remember?

You also see a little more “behind the scenes” with other camera men and production people clearly in view.