WrestleMania to be part of WWE's taping schedule this week

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2020/03/21/wrestlemania-to-be-part-of-wwes-taping-schedule-this-week/

WWE is proceeding with its plans to tape several weeks of programming this week and that includes both nights of WrestleMania 36.

The latest taping schedule was reported by Mike Johnson at PWinsider.com adding that WrestleMania would be taped this Wednesday and Thursday.

The company was set to tape the March 27th and April 3rd editions of SmackDown today at the Performance Center. Following Monday’s episode of Raw, they will tape the March 30th edition on Tuesday. Additionally, they are expected to tape NXT content on Sunday of this weekend.

WrestleMania would be taped on Wednesday and Thursday this week unless there are changes to the shooting schedule.

POST Wrestling was able to independently confirm Mike Johnson’s report.

Earlier this week, WWE announced WrestleMania would be spread out over two nights on April 4th and 5th from the Performance Center along with other locations.

If you’re taping WrestleMania this week then why not air it sooner.

Surely there will be nothing on the Raw and Smackdown shows that is so important that you sit on showing Mania until April

I mean it is only 2 weeks away right? So if they tape it this week and show it in 2 weeks it isn’t a huge hold up.

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Maybe they’ll CGI in an audience.

So spoilers will come out for the company’s biggest shows a week before airing. Nice. This will be the most inconsequential Mania ever and that’s saying a lot given the last few years. Might as well air it the weekend after taping, what’s the difference?

Putting aside all of the morally questionable aspects of this, I think it’s just stubbornness on Vince’s part, not wanting 2020 to be the first year without a WrestleMania. I still say bag it entirely… if you insist on doing shows, you can still do some if not all of the matches without calling it Mania… and then in 2021 you’ve got “The WrestleMania two years in the making!”. I can already hear Michael Cole wearing out that phrase before the Rumble.

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It is odd / I mean imagine crowning a new champ Drew with an empty arena. Or having Goldberg and Roman without any epic stare down.

Just seems best to wait. No one is dying to see this I don’t think until they can do it right

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Worse than odd, just bad. These matches are going to be bad without fans. Goldberg is an act that is 99% fan reaction and 1% grappling art. Most of the other matches likewise are built for fan reactions in entrances and closing moves.

To me it depends on the match. I think they could delay Roman vs Goldberg with little impact, but if it is say 6 months before things are back to “normal” am I going to care about Becky vs Shayna? Charlotte vs Rhea? Heavy Machinery vs Roodolph? I’m not even sure Drew vs Brock could be put off that long. And that is assuming they run no shows until then. If they run shows I don’t know how long they can put off these matches. Much as it sucks I’d rather see them finish off these stories and move on whether they have shows or not. That way we get either new stories or a fresh start when things come back.