WrestleMania XL night two press conference notes: Stephanie McMahon 'back home', Cody Rhodes on 2019 AEW promo, Roman Reigns

Originally published at WWE WrestleMania XL night two press conference notes: Stephanie McMahon 'back home', Cody Rhodes on 2019 AEW promo, Roman Reigns

To cap off WWE’s WrestleMania weekend, the press conference following night two of the event featured Chief Content Officer Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque and three new champions that were crowned: Damian Priest, Bayley and Cody Rhodes

Here is a recap of their scrum sessions: 

Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque

  • C4 is the official energy drink of WWE. They’ll be sponsoring the SummerSlam Premium Live Event in Cleveland on August 3rd. 
  • Speaking about introducing the WWE World Heavyweight Title, he figured the way to make it important is to give it to Seth Rollins and let him go to work. 
  • For Bayley’s title win, the entire women’s division was at Gorilla Position. Levesque said they often support each other in that manner, but have never heard them that loud for anyone. He brought up that Bayley is sometimes not considered to be in that upper echelon, but absolutely belongs in those conversations. 
  • He thinks Roman Reigns is one of the greatest of all-time. Reigns is going on a new story that’ll blow people’s minds. 
  • Levesque said one of the hardest things to do is make a babyface. He praised Cody Rhodes and said he’s not manufactured. 
  • When it comes to people referring to this iteration of WWE as the ‘Paul Levesque era’, he said it’s everyone in WWE’s era and it’s Nick Khan’s era. Levesque called Khan the biggest difference-maker he’s ever seen. 
  • He credited Lee Fitting for assisting with production changes. Fitting was brought into the company in January as the lead of Media & Production. 
  • Levesque is glad to have Stephanie McMahon ‘back home’ in WWE. He added that she belongs there. 
  • When TKO Group Holdings was set up, Levesque told Ari Emanuel that he just wants to have fun and if it’s not fun, he’ll find something else. 
  • The post-WrestleMania Raw is going to break the record for the highest-grossing domestic TV taping in WWE history. That record was set on 4/1. 

Cody Rhodes

  • He stated that Roman Reigns’ title run is the greatest reign in sports and entertainment. He hopes to be half the champion Reigns was. 
  • When Rhodes got to the back, Bruce Prichard, Nick Khan and Paul Levesque gave him the watch that Dusty Rhodes pawned so Cody could go to acting school. Levesque added in his scrum session that it was Nick Khan’s idea and Prichard hunted it down. Cody is hoping to pay back the investment that WWE has put into him. 
  • He spoke about his ‘undesirable to undeniable’ promo he cut on the lead up to AEW Full Gear 2019. Rhodes said he hates it because it’s hard to top and his family reminds of it. He felt undeniable then, but now he’s champion. 
  • Rhodes’ mother was present at the press conference. He stated that she does not like to be on television. Looking back at WrestleMania 39, he was worried when he lost and remembers telling his mother that he just wanted to be the quarterback. 
  • If Dusty was alive, Rhodes would tell him he hopes he lived up to the name and apologizes for the neck tattoo. 

Damian Priest

  • Priest is the first World Champion of Puerto Rican descent since Pedro Morales’ win which was 50 years ago. Priest explained how much that means to him. 
  • He is proud to be one of the figureheads of this new era at WWE. 
  • There was a point in his WWE run when he thought he’d be let go. He spoke about joining up with Judgment Day to create what they have established present day. 
  • Priest thanked Seth Rollins for the standard he set as World Heavyweight Champion and plans to follow up on that. 


  • Winning the WWE Women’s Title felt like she fantasy booked her life. 
  • She shouted out independent wrestler Jada Stone and wore her t-shirt. Stone reacted on X. 
  • Bayley touched on the real-life chemistry with Damage CTRL. She stated that it needed to be ironed out and once they got comfortable, they started to hit their stride.