Wrestlemaniac - WWE Fantasy Game

Hi guys, this is my college final project, I would love to turn it into something good, can you guys give me any thoughts on it ?

This is a wrestling fantasy game focused on WWE, so what is a Fantasy game ?
R: Fantasy Game is a system where you can bet on real people and real results but using virtual cash.

So its basically a fantasy football, but with all the wrestlers from WWE, you can create teams of 4 superstars if you have a group of friends you can always create a league and have up to 10 players. If you guys want we can create a exclusive league for POST Wrestling wich will be unlimited!!

EDIT: I have created an unlimited league for you guys! :smiley:
Name: POST Wrestling
password: post



Note to mods: I gave OP permission to post this.


I signed up! I took a look at it and thought it would be worth checking out.

The overall design of the website, functionality, and concept for how to build a team are all incredibly well done. I work for a fortune 500 company and our website doesn’t work as well as this. Excellent job! Even if your professors aren’t wrestling fans they should still appreciate your hard work (although the help links at the bottom of the site are broken).

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how to create a wrestling fantasy game. How would you draft a team? Would it be kayfabe? Across multiple promotions? Anyway I looked at it there was pros and cons for each option. I think you’ve definetly come close to perfecting the idea.

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Decided to sign up just for fun!

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Already signed up. It looks like fun

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Geez, thank you for the support, I’m developing the website since August, I’m still working on the bottom links. Really appreciate all the support!!


Just signed up. Hope this works for you. Looks interesting

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I’m in, is picking four Raw guys the best thing to do and then changing them before Smackdown starts?


Not sure If I understand your question, could you explain again ?

I’ve picked four Raw guys, after Raw could I change them to four Smackdown guys?

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Oh, you can pick 4 raw and smackdown guys, you have 2 markets and two different amount of cash:

I signed up! It looks fun!

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Thank you for the support!!

Decided to sign up, the game looks interesting, brother! :100:


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I love it. Check your inbox. Im All In

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I just signed up. Very excited for the shows next week

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Thank you all for the support, You can always DM me or say whatever you want about the system here and I’ll help you guys

Any idea how long the site will be down for?

@luanluz any update? Disappointing that you have gathered all our details and no communication about the site

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I’m sorry for all this time with no feedback, WWE emailed me requesting the website removal 13 days ago, I’ve done all the research but no futher progress. For the record, wrestlemaniac had 1.2k users and I’m so sad to have to close doors.