Wrestlenomics: Wrestlemania business, WWE's proxy statement; Tony Khan on ROH, bots

Originally published at Wrestlenomics: Wrestlemania business, WWE's proxy statement; Tony Khan on ROH, bots

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More business news coming out of Wrestlemania as Brandon Thurston is joined by Chris Gullo who returns from his week in Dallas. WWE was the subject of articles from CNBC and ESPN. The company’s annual proxy statement discloses top executives’ pay and other details. Plus, Tony Khan says AEW is the target of a bot campaign and talks about Ring of Honor’s outlook in media interviews.

Video version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7_mocGAnRU

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I read about the story about Khan accusing negative feedback towards AEW as a “bot campaign”…I mean, anything is possible, but I think it really makes him look like he can’t handle criticism. Then when you factor in the comments he made about Big Swole when she made a criticism, it doesn’t look great. He needs to just shut up and not worry about what people (or “bots”) on the internet are saying.

Ill give him credit as most of his booking is good to great, but you can’t appease everyone.

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