Wrestlers held hostage in Saudi

Or the plane has no falange? Either way Smackers will be light on talent tonight, time for wildcard rulez

Not being held hostage.

12 of the wrestlers managed to get out according to Meltzer, he didn’t say which ones though.

Live by the sword die by the sword as he says

People are saying it’s a weather issue bc of high winds in buffa-hell

Why not fly elsewhere and have them drive there?

Also, this will ironically help ratings because nothing wrestling fans love more than tuning in to WWE for a What the F are they gonna do now factor.


Daniel Bryan and Sami Zayn have some heavy lifting to do. I think it will end up as an nxt takes over smackdown, set up them being involved at survivor series.

I mean they have Sasha and Bayley.

Mohammad bin Salman loves the WWE talent SOOOO much, he has decided to keep his favourites.

See folks, absolutely no downside to this deal.

I also imagine something like this will hopefully make a lot more talent wake-up, and maybe pass on future shows in the country.


Absolutely ! My favourite wrestling TV shows are the unexpected/unpredictable ones like the one after Eddie’s death for example.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking ?

I have zero idea what either of you are thinking.

But Bryan and Sami and Sasha and Bayley for 30 minutes each. With a Firefly Funhouse segment. Some highlight packages of yesterday. Seems easy.

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23 million people watched Game 7 of the World Series. Fox plugged Smackdown and advertised talent to be on the show. That talent may be stuck in Saudi Arabia of all places and miss the show. Fox is spending $200+ mil a year on WWE and giving them unprecedented advertising valued in the 10s of millions on their network to massive audiences. WWE may not be able to deliver said talent advertised.

Am I the only one who is completely flabbergasted at this kind of corporate behavior? Prediction: this deal doesn’t make it 5 years and Fox finds a legal way out. Card Subject to Change is too carny for Fox. This isn’t amateur hour anymore Vince.


Are we are going to see John Cena tonight?

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I hope Braun wasn’t yelling get these hands and a local got carried away

I knew Natalya and Lacey shouldn’t have shown their knuckles

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Bring in the Kabuki warriors for a tag title match? That way they get featured on every show. Sounds like Brock made it home so they can pay him a boatload to show up. Then they can announce that the Fiend is headed to Raw as the future considerations for Alexa and Nikki.

You guys are nuts

12 talent got out. All Smackdown talent. Plus those left behind.

More than enough for 2 hr show

I haven’t seen a list of which 12 wrestlers got out.

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And these poor fuckers have to be in Europe in a week. Kind of a brutal month.