Wrestling Documentary on Vice

Listening to the Jim Cornette Experience and the y have Evan Husney a producer of the documentary’s and he said April 10. Is this the same one that Damian Abraham? They are saying the first to air is Randy Savage and Mrs Elisabeth.

Different series.

Thought it might be cause it didnt sound like what Damian had talked about. Sad :frowning: but will give this a look cause you know it is wrestling.

It does look like it’s going to be pretty good.

Just watched the first episode and I thought it was very good. Knew about Miss Elizabeth & Randy Savage being together but wasn’t aware of Lex Luger cheating on his wife with her, then beating her and getting her hooked on pills. Didn’t know Luger was that much of a scumbag.


That just one side of the story about luger and liz. I’ve read luger’s book and while some of the details in the documentary is true, the whole beating her and getting her hooked on pills is a complete fabrication as liz was already hooked on pills before she knew luger and the fact that they had a volatile relationship since both were on drugs at the time meant that both were pretty violent with each other. I really recommand luger’s book, it’s a really good read and luger really doesn’t shy away from his pastand how crappy of a human being he was

Saw the first episode

Honestly its not very good. This is exaclty 0 pieces of information reported that a hardcore fan would not know.

They have total and utter buffoons on there commenting.

Scott Hall??? like why is he on here. Ditto for Bischoff
Jake Roberts - classic unreliable narrator and again why s he here
Linda Hogan - again huh?

There Lanny Poffo and Bruce on there which is helpful.

But you need others to make this work

where are:

Hogan (Hulk not the dumb ex-wife)

Its really just a way to waste an hour without learning anything

I enjoyed the documentary but am also a huge Macho Man mark. There were a couple of cool insights here and there I found interesting, especially from Linda Bollea. Bruce Prichard was also pretty insightful, and I didn’t mind Eric Bischoff and Lanny Poffo.

Bruce and Eric are con men. Ask Meltzer. Can’t believe them. What did you actually learn that you didn’t know I’m curious?

Reported on f4wonline.com and I saw the tweets to support it:

“In the silly Twitter stuff, Hulk Hogan complained that the Viceland documentary on Randy Savage was too inaccurate and relied on less than credible sources. One of the producers posted that Hogan was asked to be a part of the show and declined. Hogan then blocked him.”

Isn’t the Montreal Screwjob been covered to death at this point? There are DVDs, books on this. What more is there to say?

A lot of lies. Stupid people like Scott hall claiming it’s a work

Why are Scott Hall and Jake even included in these shows? Both are so unreliable and brains are mush from drug and alcohol use. Can’t trust either of them.

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I never saw a couple of the photos that were shown, like the “Whatever It Takes” Macho Man carved into Linda Bollea’s table. I also learned how uncomfortable Lex Luger made Eric Bischoff after the Liz incident.

I think Meltzer is a bit of a con man himself. The dude is clearly biased towards those who spill him the dirt and has chauvinist tendencies in his commentary and writing. Some of his comments on Sable are disgusting. I thoroughly enjoyed when Peyton Royce put him on blast on Twitter a few months back.

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In the last Jim Cornette Experience, he said there was “one new thing” in the Screwjob episode. Who knows what that means?

I enjoyed the episode even if it didn’t exactly tell you anything new. Not sure what would have been expected on that end of things if you are a hardcore fan. But it was well done, snappy, and overall entertaining. The bit with Jake talking about Macho making the Cobra bite him first was neat and I’d never heard that before.

I’m not at all looking forward to Montreal as I feel like all those ground has already been covered in depth but the back half of the season looks really interesting. I dunno much about the Von Erichs and the Gino and Moolah one’s have the potential to be explosive.

I don’t know how to take this bc Hogan completely full of shit

@Alex_Patel Them not providing information that’s new to you might be a reason why you didn’t find it entertaining but you’re not everyone. There are wrestling fans who became fans in the last 20 years who might not be as super informed, as you’re claiming to be, who are interested in finding out more about these subjects. Then there are others who might know a lot about them but enjoy seeing it presented in a different way. Then there are people who might not be into wrestling that are watching a documentary series from vice because it’s a documentary series from vice.

I don’t really see why you’re getting so worked up about them not catering specifically to you… It’s kind of weird.

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I don’t mean to sound worked up. I just didn’t like it. Not sure why they used people like Scott Hall with really no insight.

Watch the Brody one - it’s much better. They have Atlas on and he goes into the whole thing.

A Macho doc without a lot of the key players (ie Hogan/Flair/Steambolt/Luger/Vince) just seems like a cash grab. They clearly didn’t have the goods and instead threw guys like Scott Hall and Bischoff at you. Just seems like a B level production.

Didn’t enjoy it and would not advise others to watch it

I found the use of hogans ex- wife to be interesting because she might have insight that wrestlers didn’t have because Liz might confide in her as a girlfriend over one of the boys.

I am sure they interview people that where willing to talk to them. We have no idea who they asked, who turned them down and what didn’t make the episode but ended up being cut out.