Wrestling live shows since 2020

So I just bought my first wrestling tickets since the Pandemic, and will be my fiancée first wrestling show. Since I’m a big Impact/TNA guy it’s their Sacrifice show in March. How many in the Post community have been to shows the last few years? How did you find it? Curious who’s been to what since the return of fans!

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Since 2020 the wrestling shows I have been to are:

AEW Dynamite in Dallas (Winter is Coming) in November 2021.

WrestleMania night 1 at AT&T stadium in April 2022.

And have tickets for the next Dynamite Winter is Coming special in December.

Texas loosened a lot of Covid restrictions much earlier than most States so there was a lot more opportunities to do things the past two years. Some of which at first I avoided but after being fully vaccinated early 2021 I felt pretty comfortable going to the occasional public gathering starting mid 2021. And they were worth it. Had a great time at both shows I’ve been too and didn’t get Covid from either of them.

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Awesome! Yeah where I am I haven’t had much opportunities. There’s been a couple WWE shows but I don’t enjoy the product enough to go. We tried to get tickets to the Toronto Dynamite (as AEW is my fiancé fav promotion) but it sold out too quick for us lol but I’m excited to see Impact live for the first time in 5 years