Wrestling PPV Prices

I was planning on ordering a bunch of the shows on Wrestlemania weekend, I go into the Fite app to check them out and the prices have skyrocketed since last year. I think most of them were $14.99 at most and I ordered a bunch, now they’re all $27.99. Supercard of Honor is almost $50.

It’s getting to be too much. I think AEW is charging too much for their shows, but I’m enjoying the weekly product, so it makes it worth it for me, but to see these shows, where there is no real stories built and they want to charge an arm and a leg, its a joke.

I want to support these shows, but not when they rip off the fans. I had planned on ordering Spring Break, Bloodsport, Penis Party, TNA show & Supercard at minimum. I’ll probably only be ordering Spring Break now and be hitting up the Nefarious Means Network for the rest.

Totally agree.

I think Impact is probably the worst offender for pricing. I keep up with the product, watch it every week and enjoy it - but not enough to spend $40 for a show. They should be priced at half that.

Whether these promotions want to admit it or not, WWE has undercut PPV wrestling so if they’re going to be charging that amount they have to be firing on all cylinders. There is so much “good wrestling” out there and I have no interest paying that much for something only good - needs to be more.

AEW I agree is overpriced but their shows have delivered, and they aren’t as often as Impact.

WWE has hurt it somewhat but even if WWE had been $50 all along I still don’t think I could warrant paying $20-$50 for 5 other shows. It is tough for lesser shows though as they want to make money or at least break even, and with much smaller audiences it is difficult to do that at a lower price. I mean look at Impact. They did ~1500 buys for Slammaversery. If they charge $20 that is only $30k. At $40 it is only $60k and that is before any cost to run the show. That is abysmal as far as making any money. With 5 shows in 2019 that means they are only making $300k a year off PPV (plus tickets minus costs).

I just don’t even understand the need for Impact to have that many PPVs. One or two at the most. They have two hours of weekly TV and they need to actually build and develop an audience for that show first before trying to sell PPV.

Look at MLW - one PPV ever and I think they are going about it a much smarter way by building up the show on TV and developing fans with hot TV tapings. MLW’s one show was also $20.

Impact’s business model just makes absolutely zero sense to me.

If you can get 100,000 people to buy a PPV at 50 bucks, you’re not overcharging.

If you can only get 100 people to buy your PPV at 50 bucks, you’re probably over charging.

Can’t blame GCW for increasing the price and trying to bring in more money. They’ve been gaining momentum over the last couple of years. I’m sure Moxley, Ospreay, and Suzuki don’t come cheap and if people are willing to spend the money on a good card, why not?

Oh I agree with that most shows should be looking at models other than PPV. It just isn’t making much money unless you are AEW right now.

GCW are also fluctuating the price of their other events as well. Run Rickey Run was only 13.99, The event they have next week is 10.99 and the following cross-promotion event is only 11.99.

They also recently signed with IWTV so you might see their PPV delivery model change as that relationship deepens.

That being said, with AEW - I think they can ask for a higher amount based on the PPVs being only quarterly and typically delivering ten-fold in quality. If that’s too much there’s always nefarious means but I think the network has spoiled people a bit in having all the content they want for only 9.99/month. That’s simply not sustainable for these smaller promotions (GCW, etc.) and live streaming services.

That being said, I can understand how these all add up and I think it will turn in favor of the fan eventually. With there being so many options out there, you’re competing for not only a fan’s money but their time - I think it’ll level out eventually.

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Last year they had package deals on fite for mania weekend. Are they doing that again?

I agree with this post. It’s a bit much

Also who cares if WWE charges 10 bucks? It’s All about quality too. I’ve never dropped 50 bucks on an AEW PPV and kicked myself for it.

Likewise, it’s been forever that I’ve watched a main roster show and thought “yeah, that was worth 10 bucks”.

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AEW charges 20 bucks US per PPV on FITE

Why are people dropping 50 bucks? So you al either not care or just have no ability to use FITE? Why would anyone pay 50 bucks

Easy, you don’t want to stream.

I could be wrong, but wasn’t the last AEW PPV $50 in the US?

Well honestly I think the Network is a good value for $10 because you get PPVs, NXT stuff and everything else available in the archives. If it’s just the WWE show I agree.

But would you rather have 4 months of the network or one Impact PPV? That’s where I think the issue is.

Yeah I’m having friends over and I don’t want to have to rely on Wi-Fi. I want to watch the show with zero issues. Also, with my provider you get points for spending money.

No it was 20 bucks on FITE

Unless you using old school method it’s not 50

You can watch it wired as well.

Look we live in an era where streaming is everything. It’s not unreliable at all for less than half the price

I believe it was only that price on Fite outside the US.

It costs 50 bucks in the US and 20 bucks US in Canada? That makes no sense. AndnInwas using FITE the US site and it said 19.99 and the CDN said 27 so I am sure it was

Only outside of the US was it 19.99 American. US it was only PPV or BR Live.


What if I went to FITE and ordered it? It wouldn’t let me? I went to US sure and paid in USD so that’s weird