Wrestling radio time machine thread

Can we talk about old wrestling radio shows from years ago? Share your favourites from yesteryear when everything was played on Real Audio and Winamp. Where are they now? Are there any archives to find (youtube links, downloads etc)?

Get in the Ring Radio - probably my favourite wrestling podcast of all time. Dudes were so funny. Found an old interview they did with Piper on youtube, but that’s about it.

Wrestlepalooza Real Audio Show - My introduction, and the epitome of the angry smart fan. I don’t think they said a one positive thing in the 5 years or whatever they did the show. A highlight was a 2 minute “boycott” episode when WWE did something they didn’t like.

Chairshots radio - AM radio at it’s finest. Two dudes with heavy NY accents arguing with each other for an hour or two. Reminds me a lot of Tiki & Tierny now that I think about it.

Between The Ropes - A couple months ago, I discovered Brian Fritz still has this thing going via podcast. Has it always been this boring? I’m literally using it as a sleep aid now. I remember it being pretty good back in the day.

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“Between the Ropes” was excellent when it was a terrestrial radio show. The stable of co-hosts Fritz put together (Vito Denucci, D’Lo Brown, Dickerman) all brought something to the program, and the guests (plenty of TNA talent) and callers (including yours truly) contributed to the fun.

BTR was the first place I heard “Reverend Jim From Virginia” (Arguably the IWC’s biggest non-female women’s wrestling advocate). The show was well-produced and had a good mix of humor, analysis, & interesting interviews. And it was honestly my “gateway” into finding The LAW. When BTR left radio, I was looking for another fun weekly wrestling radio show that took calls and had to go all the way to Canada to find a good one…Lol! So w/o Fritz & BTR, who knows if I would have ever met Brothers Pollock & Ting, let alone there being a “Keep It 2000” podcast. :100:


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I found the LAW by trying to track down the very first wrestling audio show / newsletter that I listened to / read. As I type this I realize it is going to be a useless post. I can’t remember the name of it, although it was canadian, and then the guy got a job and left for London, England I think… This was back in the days of the Apple power pc and netscape (1993 era) is my guess. Netscape and realaudio were needed. Often resulted in the little bomb icon and ‘sorry a sytem error occured’ message… apologies in wasting your time with this post-of-nothing.

Yeah Between The Ropes was definitely good at 2 hours (with commercials), listener call ins, and lots of guests. Now it’s just Fritz and another guy talking for two and a half hours with no break. God bless the guy for staying on the ship, but it’s a shell of what it was.

As far as Between The Ropes. That used to be my go to show. The show was at its best when Vito and Dickermen were the co host. I stopped listening to the show after those two left and Brian was doing it by himself. You are right Dan, it’s coma inducing at best now.

Wrestling News Live was another show I would listen to, with Trey Dogg and JSK.

Haha holy shit Wrestling News Live was good for it’s unintentional comedy. I remember those guys getting completely loaded on air and doing like 5 hour shows.

I think that was one of their christmas shows. I remember that one.

haha Finding wrestling radio shows online back in the 2000’s was awesome.

Between the Ropes back in the day with Fritz, Vito and Dickerman was my big go-to. I fell off when Vito and Dickerman left.

I started with The Law when it was Jeff Marek and Big Daddy Donnie Abreau, up until its demise, and transitioning to the Post office.

I forget how I stumbled upon WNL with Trey Dogg and JSK - they got pretty crazy ( Trey got super drunk and freaked the F out when Rey Mysterio beat somebody? if my memory is correct ), but I thought they were funny for a time. Adam Martin started working with them who then transitioned over to WrestleView ( there might have been friction or drama there - I forget ).

I remember WrestleView trying to start their own online wrestling radio network with multiple shows and hosts etc. They might have been the first site I paid a subscription to for bonus content / daily shows. Adam Martin, Hunter Golden ( I believe was his name ) and others.

Life took over and my interest waned, but I always stayed with The Law.

Great memories, though.

I remember Wade Keller’s Pro Wrestling Focus on KFAN AM 1270 in the Minneapolis-St.Paul area. He would have great guests like Superstar Billy Graham, Nick Bockwinkel, Terry Funk, etc. A great 60 minutes to listen to back then in Twin Cities radio.

Also, I’m surprised no one mentioned John Arezzi’s Pro Wrestling Spotlight from New York yet. I would say he was the best wrestling radio show host hands down then.