WWE 4Q2019 & FY2019 Earnings Call (2/6/2020) - Discussion Thread

Maybe this will only interest me, but wanted to start a thread for comments on the earnings and news coming out of today’s call.

Also, if people have questions, maybe @wai0937 can bring these up with Brandon Thurston on the Cafe call today:

One question - and thought - I’ve been on about is how much Vince McMahon (and the family) lost on paper and what investors can read into that with regards to the seriousness to make a decision to remove Wilson/Barrios. How serious are the issues or disagreements to cut off their nose to spite its face.

If he was willing to lose X millions of dollars to make this change, and subsequently cost investors millions of dollars, how does the WWE convey confidence in its Chairman to be making such decisions on their behalf. Yes, the Board is cited in the release, but does he not have total power given his voting rights?

At some point you invest beyond numbers and in people and the confidence you have and Vince now seems like a total untrustworthy corporate leader.

Do you know what time the call is scheduled for?

Earnings were amazing - network at 1.42 mill. It looks good. Stock will rebound - I would buy now

11pm eastern. It is available to stream at https://corporate.wwe.com/investors/investor-overview

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Are you a troll?
WWE Plunges After Sales Forecast Uncovers Dismal Fan Engagement

Meltzer said today that 1.4 was the number and it beat that. I don’t know - it looks okay to me

1.42 as of Q4 is down from Q1/Q2/Q3 2019
It is also down from every other period over the last 4 years except Q1 2016 and Q4 2016.
This is the 3rd lowest quarter in the last 4 years. I think you misunderstood what Meltzer was saying. Seems like he was rounding, and I don’t understand how anyone could look at that and say it is good when the entire point of the WWE Network is to grow subs. All the investment in talent, in a new platform.

If you have any interest in this stuff and want to see incredible graphics on it - go follow today’s POST Wrestling Cafe gues @BrandonThurston on Twitter. He is the man for all of this.

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Did they provide any background to the dismissals? Because those figures are appalling

Nope. Call is over. Just difference in philosophy.

It was said my meltzer it’s over talent pay. Vince is in wartime mode - stockpile talent and overpay people like Edge and Revival.

Barrios and Wilson wanted to maximize profit and didn’t understand paying what are basically job guys on their show (is Revival) that much. They were around for the MNW and didn’t get the added talent costs hurting their bottom line

Barrios/Wilson : Vince, why am I out?
Vince : You’re not a wartime consigliere. Things may get rough with the move we’re trying.

The funniest part of the call was Vince saying AEW hasn’t changed their product.


I mean has it changed their product? I feel like it changed where things are presented but I don’t think how they are presented has really changed.

At least Vince didn’t try to blame it on other things like Roman Regina being injured like last time. Bc we all know how much helps ratings

NXT magically became a two-hour show and is now a “third brand” or that could just be a coincidence.

And it’s funny he continues calling WWE ‘PG’ when one of the main storylines is Rusev is a sex addict who’s wife left him for another wrestler.


I think Vince did quell the tide a bit. He was open to selling PPVs again. He peaked everyone’s interest. He was adamant that this had nothing to do with XFL. He did a good job

the move is about the only thing though, NXT is the same show just longer. IT was already being referred to as the third brand long before AEW went to TV at least (HHH "Global Touring Brand.). I’m not saying they haven’t made any changes to where things are presented. But NXT as a show is largely the same show it always has been just longer. RAW and SD the main part of the product are entirely unaffected (sadly). As for Rusev stuff it is still largely PG. They kiss, and talk. No real swearing, no undergarments. I cannot think of much that would raise the rating much.

How would they sell PPVs without killing the Network?

My point is I dont see NXT getting a two hour show if AEW isn’t around. So yeah, AEW did “change their product”.

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I still cant believe that Mania is free or $9.99 or whatever on the network. They really should experiment by removing some of the big shows from the network. It’s already an amazing value.

I don’t necessarily agree with that. I could see USA pursing it after losing smackdown to replace that content. I mean if you are WWE unless you feel like it would cost you network money, why wouldn’t you try to get more money for the product?

I could maybe see the big shows being extra money on the Network (discounted PPV rates), but I think it is hard to go back without damaging the Network as the “free PPVs” is probably the #1 attraction for most people.

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