WWE Alternate Universe Simulation

Quarantine has been rather weird for me, as good things and bad things have happened. One thing that hasn’t changed this year is boredom sneaking up on me and simulations being the only way out of it. I started to wonder, “what was my next simulation going to be”, until I read The Great Simulation Do-over thread by Sancty. What he’s doing with WWE 2k19 is really cool for someone who loves trying to figure out "what if ", so I decided to do my own and post it here. However, I do have a limitation: I don’t have WWE 2k19. But, I figured out a way to do something different that’s still similar to his simulation.

In short, the backstory here is that WWE started to suffer some not-so-good financial losses in the late 2000s. Eventually, they decided to have a smaller roster (36, including women), which in turn made them have to discontinue some championships (leaving the WWE, Intercontinental, Tag Team and Women’s titles). They kept having one PPV per month, as that made them money, but only one, as not to spend too much. All these changes came into play after Wrestlemania XXVI, with the Raw afterwards setting up for the title unification matches on Smackdown (Smackdown would continue, but be a shorter show and more like Main Event) The current champions after that Smackdown are as followed:

WWE: Jack Swagger (4/2/10) - Yes, I kept the MITB cash-in. In short, it was Cena vs Jericho for the unification match, and Jericho rolled Cena up after the ref was distracted by Swagger’s music while counting a pin for Cena. Swagger then cashed in, and with Cena being attacked after the match by Batista, won the title off of Jericho.

Intercontinental: Drew McIntyre (12/13/09) - defeated United States Champion The Miz to retain the title during the unification match.

Tag Team: ShoMiz (2/8/10) - With the titles already being unified, they just dropped the Unified moniker and kept the WWE Tag Team Championship name.

Women’s: Maryse (4/2/10) Divas Champion, defeated Michelle McCool to unify the titles after Layla interfered, causing a DQ win for Maryse, which because the winner would be new Women’s Champion, Maryse won the title.

I’ll try to update every “week” (after one Raw show and Smackdown show results are in) as we head towards Backlash ( rather than have Extreme Rules right after a massive shakeup, I moved it into the Fatal-4-Way June spot and brought back Backlash). Constructive criticism and some suggestions are welcome. Shoutout to Sancty for the inspiration.

Daily Update (12/10/20):

Results from Raw (4/5/10)

CM Punk (w/ Luke Gallows and Serena) defeated R-Truth (w/ John Morrison)

The Hart Dynasty (w/Natalya) defeated Evan Bourne and Matt Hardy when Tyson Kidd pinned Bourne

LayCool defeated Maryse and Beth Phoenix when Layla pinned Phoenix

Edge, John Cena and Randy Orton defeated Chris Jericho, Batista and Sheamus when Cena submitted Batista


  • Per the pre match stipulation, Cena advances to the No. 1 contenders match for Jack Swagger’s WWE Championship next Raw. The other four members who were not submitted (Edge, Jericho, Orton, Sheamus) will compete in a Fatal-Four-Way match on the next Smackdown to decide who faces Cena.
  • Layla rolled up Phoenix after LayCool had double-teamed Maryse and Phoenix hit McCool with a Glam Slam. No No. 1 contender yet, though McCool or Layla seem like the best bet.
  • The Hart Dynasty’s debut goes as planned, with Kidd pinning Bourne after a Hart Attack. They could be Tag Team Title contenders if they can get past the Straight Edge Society and Morrison & Truth

Smackdown has confirmed all of their matches for their next show.

Eve vs. Michelle McCool
6-man battle royal with Intercontinental Title implications
Edge vs Orton vs Jericho vs Sheamus: winner faces Cena in a No.1 contenders match on Raw

That’s all for now. Predictions, constructive criticism and suggestions for the future are welcome to be put down below.

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Daily Update (12/11/20)
Results from Smackdown (4/9/10)

Eve defeated Michelle McCool (w/Layla)

Kofi Kingston wins the 6-man battle royal

Edge defeats Chris Jericho, Sheamus and Randy Orton


  • Per the pre-match stipulations, Edge will face John Cena on Raw to decide the number one contender for Jack Swagger’s WWE Championship at Backlash
  • Also because of pre-match stipulations, Kofi Kingston will face Drew McIntyre at Backlash for the Intercontinental Championship. Kingston last eliminated Dolph Ziggler to win.
  • The Miz was attacked pre-battle royal by CM Punk, who replaced him. Punk was then attacked by Big Show during the match, in which Punk was eliminated. A No. 1 contenders match will take place on the next Smackdown between the Straight Edge Society and the winner of Hart Dynasty vs. Morrison & Truth on Raw.
  • Eve’s win came after Beth Phoenix attacked Layla on the outside during the match, creating a distraction. Eve,Phoenix, McCool and Layla and Kelly Kelly will now face off in a gauntlet match on Raw to determine the No. 1 contender to Maryse’s Women’s Championship.

Raw Matches confirmed:

Hart Dynasty vs Morrison & Truth
5-woman No. 1 contender gauntlet match
John Cena vs. Edge : WWE Championship No. 1 contenders match

That’s all for now. Predictions, constructive criticism and suggestions for the future are welcome to be put down below.