WWE and NFL enter multi-year licensing agreement for championship belts

Originally published at WWE and NFL enter multi-year licensing agreement

WWE has struck a licensing deal with the NFL, which they promoted as the first of its kind for replica championship titles league-wide.

The multi-year agreement was revealed on Monday through a press release “to create NFL-inspired WWE legacy title belts featuring the official colors and branding of all 32 teams.”

It is the first licensing deal involving WWE and the NFL with the product line launching Monday through the WWE and NFL’s online shops and with Fanatics.

WWE and Fanatics entered into an agreement in March 2022 and was expanded earlier this year with Fanatics overseeing WWE’s global event merchandise business.

So all those years of WWE sending replica championship belts to sports winners finally paid off I guess. Although admittedly some of them looked pretty cool.

I can definitely see some hardcore WWE/NFL fans buying these.

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Here’s what Nick Khan mentioned about extending WWE’s IP into more markets through licensing :slight_smile: Smart way to make extra bank.

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That Jacksonville Jaguars WWE title is going to be a little awkward

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If they buy an officially licensed one straight from WWE, is AEW then permitted to have it on TV? Because they absolutely should.