WWE announces Evolution reunion for SmackDown 1000

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2018/09/28/wwe-announces-evolution-reunion-for-smackdown-1000/

The WWE has announced that Evolution will have a reunion on the 1,000th episode of SmackDown next month in Washington, D.C.

The group that consisted of Triple H, Dave Bautista, Randy Orton, and Ric Flair formed in 2002 and were aligned as the top heel faction on Raw until 2005.

The unit helped launch the careers of Bautista and Orton, with the former winning the 2005 Royal Rumble and then challenging Triple H at that year’s WrestleMania, which was one of the best buildups in company history. In the case of Orton, he won the World title in August 2004 from Chris Benoit and was attacked by his stablemates the following night during a well-remembered angle in London, Ontario. It featured Bautista hoisting Orton onto his shoulders and was given the “thumbs down” by Triple H as Evolution turned on Orton. He dropped the title to Triple H several weeks later and didn’t connect as a babyface with Bautista surpassing Orton in 2005 as the bigger star.

The SmackDown reunion will mark Bautista’s first appearance on WWE programming since June 2014.

The 1,000th episode will take place on Tuesday, October 16th from Washington, D.C. at the Capital One Arena.

Evolution never appeared on SD.

Was going to say the same thing.

I know why their doing it.

To promote WWE: Evolution, so I really can’t fault them for that!

I don’t think it has anything to do with the ppv promotion if anything it kind of hurts it and takes away form the women. I Think the idea was

They booked Batista to come back Orton is already on SD Triple H was a big part of early SD and had a run there late last decade or so plus he will be there anyways. Flair Daughter is on SD he has no problem going where she goes. Plus need a legend to parade out anyways so instead of individual coming out not to mention time constraints best have them come out together even collectively never a force on SD.

Lets hope the evolution reunion goes better then the DX reunion on raw 25. Evolution should start the show especially if they get the Rock (big if) but if they get the Rock and he isn’t in the main event and he starts the show SD 1000 will bomb like raw 25. Austin should have ended Raw 25 sent people home happy not starting with the greatest thing and slowly went down hill

Triple H and DX made Raw. Triple H and Evolution made Smackdown.

Can’t wait for the big ECW reunion show: “Axl! Balls! Shah! Hunter!”

Would love to see the reunion.