WWE claiming to be "essential media" to continue filming in Florida.


The thing is they’ll get away with it

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I was given a similar letter to present to police to state I was essential ‘transportation of goods’.

Similarly, seeing as I deliver magazines, it was complete, utter bullshit and the opposite of essential.

Thankfully, I had options.

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I think this is happening in a lot of industries and in a lot of districts

I decided to go on twitter and search “Florida Governor” to see who it was and if it would actually get shut down. The answer is no, it won’t based on his reputation. Even though any smart cop would recognize WWE not being essential media, I do kinda feel that they will just continue and the governor won’t do anything about it.

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Vince is loving that he’s the only “sport” on right now. Must be gloating like hell, while the talent are freaked about getting sick.



I just found out that car racing is back.

Now Vince has an idea, all matches will be like Hogan and Giant in the monster trucks.

I think they are shooting themselves in the foot with this. They are building a lot of frustration on top of the tons of frustration they’ve built for themselves over the last few years. I am willing to bet that they are doing irreparable damage to the way people are perceiving their company and product.


And the resentment that is being built up within the company itself. The people having to work through this can’t be too happy about it


Some of the general public still see wrestling as backwoods carnival stuff, so they don’t care and I guess do see wrestling as a “diversion.” And the workers are independent contractors, don’t like it, don’t work (don’t get paid) - and then probably never get your push. Not a great environment to start with.

I think in Vinces mind from hearing other people who know him describe his world, that there is little outside the WWE. He probably does think they are essential because he thinks it’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue. He also thinks the “show just go on” type stuff. It’s an old school mentality

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