WWE confirms return to Saudi Arabia in November for "Crown Jewel"

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2018/09/17/wwe-confirms-return-to-saudi-arabia-in-november-for-crown-jewel/

The WWE has confirmed their return to Saudi Arabia on Friday, November 2nd for an event that will be promoted as “Crown Jewel” from King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh.

The event will feature a triple threat for the Universal title with Roman Reigns defending against Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman with an angle shot at Sunday’s Hell in a Cell event. We reported on the match being scheduled earlier today and it was officially announced during the opening segment of Raw on Monday from Dallas.

The WWE is also promoting a “WWE World Cup Tournament” will take place on the show, which will be streaming on the WWE Network.

The WWE entered into a 10-year deal with the Saudi General Sports Authority earlier this year with the first event taking place from Jeddah in April.

The company came under criticism for numerous elements of the April show, which included endorsements of the Saudi Arabian Government with PSA ads running. There were also complaints that no females were permitted on the show along with the exclusion of Sami Zayn, who is of Syrian descent. There was a controversy within the country after a WWE pay-per-view ad ran during the show that displayed some of the female performers in their outfits. The General Sports Authority issued an apology over the images shown referring to them as “indecent” and stressed their disapproval over.

There was also a segment during the show where Shawn & Ariya Daivari appeared as representatives of Iran, who were fought off by the Saudi Arabian wrestlers from a company try out that week. Given the fractured relations between the two countries, it was a surprising angle to see the WWE execute on their show. Days later, Ariya Daivari revealed they had received death threats in response to the segment.

It is an enormous money deal for the WWE, although the exact amount was not revealed during their last quarterly filings after stating there was a confidentiality clause in the deal.

The timing of the event will likely amplify critics of the show because it will take place five days after the WWE presents the all women’s “Evolution” pay-per-view on October 28th.

In addition, the WWE has received positive coverage over the recent promotion of Renee Young as a permanent member of Raw’s broadcast team. If the same restrictions are in effect, she would not be able to be part of this event and her absence will be notable on the broadcast. Back in April, Young was not flown to the event for her regular role as host of the kickoff panel.

The company is balancing a lot of major shows coming up in a short period of time with the Super Show-Down event on October 6th, the Evolution card on October 28th, the Crown Jewel event November 2nd and into the Survivor Series on November 18th.

The fact it’s not called "WWE: The Greatest Balls of Fire" leaves me with such sorrow!


Worked out all the kinks, and now will collect another 45 mil easy peasy.

I’m sure all those girls and whatever region beef for decendents will cry themselves to sleep as spend time at home and collect that guaranteed check.

This whole thing is fucking gross.

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How so?

Because women can’t work? A corporation have no need for sparing feelings, they have a bottom line that needs to be hit.

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What is this Survivor Series you speak of?

Women not working doesn’t bother me as much as much as all the other horrible shit they do, but yeah it’s pretty terrible that they’re cosying up to a government that bans a number of their employees from working just because of their gender.
I know they have to make money, but surely there has to be a line somewhere? You don’t have to act as propagandists for a regime that promotes and exports Wahhabism, imprisons humans rights activists and punishes homosexuality with lashes just because the opportunity arises.

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Serious question would anybody dare put pressure on WWE the next time they go to South Africa for the current black administration taking all the land from white farmers without compensation just because they are white? It would be epic if WWE refused to go to Africa for that. I bet if they did that they would be called racist even though they would be protesting true racism.

I would love to get Pollock’s take if he would support WWE not going to South Africa in protest of seizing white farmlands without compensation just because they are white. https://www.newsweek.com/anger-south-africa-over-presidents-proposal-seize-white-owned-farms-without-1052240

One of the differences between the Saudi Arabia deal and WWE running shows in the middle east or South Africa or anywhere politically controversial is the level of government involvement. On most international tours WWE has to rent a venue and is generating revenue from ticket and merch sales in the goal of expanding their fanbase just like any other promotion or traveling concert tour. Sure maybe there’s a government payoff somewhere along the way but that’s the price of doing business.

In this case Saudi Arabia is directly paying WWE for the show as a political maneuver. I would have no problem with WWE doing a regular tour in Saudi Arabia. A lot of US companies do business in Saudi Arabia. But being a tool of the Saudi government is what makes these shows so controversial.

And get out of here with that B.S. South Africa story. It’s not even actually happening.

You make a great point by the Saudi government paying them and that is completely different from when they go to South Africa. But during apartheid there were many acts pressured to not tour in South Africa. If you even did a tour there you got a lot backlash like the WWE is now for doing Saudi.

BS story? It has already begun https://www.forbes.com/sites/lorenzomontanari/2018/08/31/south-africa-land-seizures-begin-economic-decline-accelerates/#743a66276365

Newsweek and Forbes are very credible.

OK lets say they completely go through with it like they have been planning to and have already started and then the WWE took stand not to tour there like most major artists did during apartheid?

That’s a molehill story.

Get out of here with that bullshit.

I haven’t heard from any actual women on the women not being able to wrestle over there. I would genuinely like to hear from a large proportion of them. I asked some women I know and they don’t care and think WWE should take the money.

Personally, I couldn’t care less about all the political bullshit surrounding this event. All I want is to be entertain and the last time they did the show I was so if they can put on a good show this time around, I won’t complain.

Like John said, the only peoples that cares about the political aspect of the event is the wrestling media and some of the wrestling fans. If mainstream media was taking notice then it would be another story but they couldn’t care less so why should we.

I can’t wait to see all the outrage they’re going to be when UFC finally does a show down in Saudi Arabia because at some point they will since they sign the same deal as WWE. Maybe that’s where WWE get the mainstream attention for this.

It is only hyper male liberal wrestling journalist that care. I seriously doubt any of the female wrestlers really give a shit and would prefer to stay home and still get paid. Any kind of boycott by fans won’t hurt their bottom line one bit because 99.9% of WWE fans don’t care enough.

It is reminiscent of when Bruce Mitchell was offended on the behalf of all black people when the New Day were coming out with pancakes (which was 100% their idea). Apparently there was something racial with black people and pancakes over 100 years ago but absolutely no one knows about this but him because he is obsessed with racism and loves to virtue signal. Bruce just came off as weird and condescendly racist

Well that is Bruce for you

I’m some what new to him, can you elaborate on Bruce for me? Does he have a long history of trying to be virtuous but really just comes off as patronizing.

Well the tone of this thread is being changed…why do I feel like this thread will somehow morph into anti/pro SJW horse shit that slowly morphs into politics, then identity politics, then race politics, then just plain racism?

Oh because that’s the internet and thats why we can’t have nice things.

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Geez, this place is getting fucking weird.