WWE Day 1 2022 POST Show

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John Pollock and Wai Ting review WWE Day 1 2022 as Brock Lesnar enters Raw’s WWE Championship match following Roman Reigns’ COVID-related removal from the event.

They discuss the entire card and the many last-minute changes from the Reigns announcement, the main event’s surprising outcome and its fallout, Becky Lynch vs. Liv Morgan for the Raw Women’s Championship, The Uso’s vs. The New Day for the SD Tag Team Championships, and an unfortunate injury to Ridge Holland on the Kickoff.

Plus: Patron phone calls and POST Wrestling Forum feedback.

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Photo Courtesy: WWE

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Jermaine from Chicago. This was my personal favorite ppv even though they don’t call it that anymore. The usos and new day had a good match. But Vince these rematches are killing us. can you please believe in some other talents? I think it was a tell who was going to win the main event when the champion didn’t come out last. Big e loss clean to Roman and Brock. Could you book a champion weaker? Last question for you two. Could you ever see a babyface getting over the way Toni storm was produced before she took her ball and went home? Thanks and happy new year to you both

So in 2 years, will the ppv concept happen? Jan 1st 2024 is on a Monday.

So, they’ll probably point this out on Monday but Liv’s back was to both the camera and the ref when she jumped up for her finish on the ropes, so Becky raked her eyes and that’s how she reversed it.

After the match Liv is selling that she can’t see