WWE Draft Notes from SmackDown - Night One in Las Vegas

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*Becky Lynch

*AJ Styles, Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows

*Drew McIntyre

*Randy Orton


*Bobby Lashley

*Alexa Bliss

*Kevin Owens


*Viking Raiders

*Nikki Cross

*The Street Profits

*Roman Reigns
*The Fiend Bray Wyatt
*Sasha Banks
*Braun Strowman
*Lacey Evans
*The Revival
*Lucha House Party
*Heavy Machinery

The draft continues on Raw this Monday in Denver, Colorado. They have announced that Becky Lynch (Raw) will face Sasha Banks (SmackDown) to determine which brand gets the first pick on Monday.

Hi John…just wanted to let you know something I noticed, and that is that the draft picks are being picked in the exact order that they are listed as in the Draft pools on WWE.com…just a little weird to me, but thought i’d let you know so you can maybe comment on it later, thanks John…big fan


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I get that theyre trying to make the WWE look more like a “sport-product.” But the “war rooms” are pretty stupid. A crowd of USA executives cheering because they got Bobby Lashley is a little lame

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Dude, those war rooms are the best part of the show. It’s hilarious seeing the over the top reactions.

And i also noticed that Sheamus, Ruby Riott, and The Ascension (not that anyone wants them) is not on either list.

Why is it all in the same order that was released earlier?

They’re lazy.

Did you see you hyped FOX was to pick up Heavy Machinery? That was amazing.

They have to be doing it for laughs

How lazy and stupid has this show been.

FOX needs to get their money back

They’re gonna make their money back, when they draft Jinder Mahal. Wait until you see how they celebrate that pick.


And why are you having Stephanie make the announcements? That shouldve been a clue right there on how bad this was going to be

I know they want to leave big names to announce on raw but if I am a casual SD viewer and only watch fox what would want me want to watch next week with knowing my show got these great names!

Lacey Evans
The Revival (at least they SD champs) (kind of telling)
Lucha House Party
Heavy Machinery

all you really got was 4 names for sd at the top really bad draft.

Hey, didnt you see how happy the FOX war room was that they got Heavy Machinery? That was a HUGE get for them. They were on the phone all day trying to make that move happen.


Maybe it’s incompetence or it was an inside joke to see if anyone would notice

Stephanie probably said she hadn’t had a prominent role in a while.

If I was a Fox or USA executive, I probably wouldn’t like the way I was protrayed after a pick.

Wouldn’t you draft a title at the earliest opportunity

Those war rooms were easily the best part of the show

Just reading the results now, so I’m sure I’m not the first to note this… Raw/USA drafted Alexa solo instead of Alexa & Nikki, then drafted Nikki just a few picks later. Someone dropped the ball in that war room.

I agree the “war rooms” were the best part if the WWE was in on the joke and were purposefully making it look ridiculous and knew wed be in on the joke. If it was not meant to be a joke and was meant to be taken seriously, then it was horrible.

You were unable to draft them as a team. They checked into it an we’re denied. Huge story about it should break soon

I just cant get into RAW executives celebrating they got Bobby Lashley the same way they would act if they got the top college football player for their NFL team. Its a little too much for me