WWE Draft Notes from SmackDown - Night One in Las Vegas

Those war room skits were the best part! It was meant to be funny. Is the only way you will laugh if Vince calls a wrestler Shorty or sharts on TV?

No. Thats worse.

Exactly. This is WWE comedy at its best. Learn to live with it :slight_smile:

I mean if I knew as little as these executives probably do about these wrestlers I’d be excited about Lashley he looks amazing.

Stephanie coming out and announcing all the picks was underwhelming. The war rooms were stupid. Not sure if Bayley’s haircut is heelish or if she just looks like a pre-attitide era female wrestler. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not. Charlotte’s title reigns are a joke and bragging about the amount of times you’ve won a title in a short amount of time is stupid, even in kayfabe. YOU HAVE TO LOSE IT IN ORDER TO WIN IT AGAIN SO HAVING SO MANY REIGNS IN A SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME ISN’T SOMETHING TO BRAG ABOUT!!!

FS 1 should do a show called Free Agents (or WWE should create a promotion called FAW) where the free agents are competing like a contender series to get drafted by the 3 main roster brands. Then NXT isn’t the lowest totem pole. And you immediately propped up the bar of the FAW show because it has notable people. It’s all one huge storyline to get to Wrestlemania right?

Yeah, I hate the “number of title reigns” BS. Obviously it’s all stupid kayfabe stuff anyway, but, also in kayfabe, having an average title reign of like two weeks in a business where reigns used to last years and dozens if not hundreds of successful defenses shouldn’t be something to brag about.

If this were real sports (a dumb thing to say, of course), there would be an asterisk in the record book for the “automatic rematch” era.

The idea is great but not sure anyone wants to see Dana brook and shorty competing

Then why are they paying them?

Just listening to John and Wai now… made this point somewhere around the eight minute mark. Listen before you post!

I think it’s a bigger storyline about how USA network executives are dumber than Fox. Planting subtle seeds like this all along until it culminates in a huge angle.

Either that or WWE creative are morons.

Wonder which is more likely?

I have had time to think this draft over and I must say I enjoyed it!
The War Room was great, cringe worthy great, as intended, I hope.
Steph was awful.
But we got a draft and not a stupid Superstar Shakeup.