WWE Draft Results: Night two from Denver, Colorado

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-Seth Rollins (WWE Universal champion)

-Charlotte Flair

-Andrade and Zelina Vega

-Asuka & Kairi Sane (WWE women’s tag champions, which will be defended on both shows)


-Aleister Black

-Cedric Alexander

-Humberto Carrillo

-Erick Rowan

-Buddy Murphy

-Jinder Mahal


-Samoa Joe

-Akira Tozawa

-Shelton Benjamin

-Rey Mysterio

-Titus O’Neil

-Liv Morgan

-Brock Lesnar (WWE champion)
-Kofi Kingston, Big E. & Xavier Woods
-Daniel Bryan
-Bayley (SmackDown women’s champion)
-Shinsuke Nakamura (Intercontinental champion) and Sami Zayn
-Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode
-The Miz
-King Corbin
-Shorty Gable

Wow…Carrillo, Alexander & Rowan “Drafted” before Rey or AOP?? Also, wasn’t Carrillo on the Draft Pool list for Fri night…how did he get on this one?

They made sure all the couples are on the same show Charlotte/Andrade and Black/Vega on Raw. Graves and Carmella on Smackdown. It’s too much to complain but in the real NFL draft the extra picks (Compensatory picks for losing big free agents) those come in the 3rd round. Extra picks for Raw is BS because early in the draft their getting the better talent instead of it being in the 4th and 5th rounds. The extra Raw needs because it’s a 3 hour show should be in free agent slots that should have more for Raw. But no point in complaining

It’s way too obvious that these war rooms were all recorded last week all at the same time. Are we supposed to believe that the fox and usa execs have been hibernating in their war rooms without changing their clothes or even facepaint?

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Aleister Black puts his submission on someone and adds 3 black mana to his mana pool.

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Its small things like this and lack of a attention to detail why I’m struggling to stick around with wwe. Would it be so hard to shuffle some of those files on the desk. Change sone outfits and positions of execs and even do a different facepaint on that guy when filming the round 2 reactions

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I found this on Twitter hehe Friday night and Monday night’s war rooms scenes…


Some of them don’t even move between the two pictures.

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Rusev and Bobby Lashley are both on Raw so it’s obvious that this awful cheating will continue. Ugh.


Also bray and seth universal title match announced for crown jewel. So we know bray aint winning cos hes drafted to SD