WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 Report feat. Ronda Rousey's contract signing


There better not be any biased commentary from Coach after that handshake with Cena!

Thought the Ronda segment was well laid out, shame the promo was so god awful.


They should know that. Have Cena come out to help her out. The 3 pros were awful too.

Lesnar to come out and kill everyone?

They would have been wise to make Ronda focus on/ learn this prior to tonight:

Well Ronda’s promo wasn’t the worst thing of the night after that double 5 knuckle shuffle

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holy shit. corey graves on savage mode.

So Braun eliminates everyone except Roman then it becomes LOL Roman wins right after at this rate.

28 superman punches. Great sports entertainment.

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braun should never lose a one on one match ever again.

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4 years a row for Roman? WWE is clueless.


quick fix: johnny gargano challenges roman for his wrestlemania opportunity. johnny wrestling vs brock at mania.

Angle better be dishing out some fines tonight for the poor sportsmanship after the matches …

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Doesn’t sound like the most exciting of nights from anyone I’ve heard from.

Not too many surprises on this show. Alexa retaining was for the best, along with building up Sasha vs. Bayley. Though what was up with those “You deserve it” chants to Alexa? Those chants are embarrassing now.

The highlight for me was the Ronda signing, as it played into the WM31 storyline. I can see Angle/Rousey vs. Steph/Hunter being a fun match, if they go that route. I’ve never seen a Rousey fight, only a few highlights, but I loved the fans’ reaction when Stephanie slapped her. Fun storytelling.

The main event was paint-by-numbers as the only finish was something screwy with both Reigns/Stroman winning, or Reigns. Glad to see Balor looked good.

Overall it was a show that I probably wouldn’t watch again. Scratch that. I was distracted during the Asuka/Jax match, so I’ll go back and watch that one.

Hey John. Firstly I would like to say how much I enjoy your show it great and dont stop the beginning of the podcast chats, I think they’re great! Moving on to the Elimination Chamber, it was a very mixed show. The women were brilliant and showed the men once again how its done. I think we need to really consider Alexa Bliss now as one of the top superstars on the mic and cutting a promo, not just amongst the women. I thought the Ronda segement was very well planned out but there were a few flaws. Why are we getting cute Ronda when she obviously is much much better once she turns into this MMA monster like we saw in the end of the segement? And since she diddn’t sign her contract when Stephanie slapped her, why diddn’t she attack back?! And lastly I think the less talking she does the better as her moments on the mic were rocky and uncomfortable but she gives this woman division a voice and higher media platform and spotlight. As for the mens well we all knew what was going to happen yet we still had hope that WWE would change it. It pains me the fact I’m based in the England and I stayed up till 4am to see WWE once again forcefully feed me Roman Reigns, if you REALLY see Braun as a star and you’re giving him all this heat like pinning 5 men and smashing Reigns in the end, why dont you give him the big match? The match that EVERYONE wants to see? Braun and Brock. The only positive is that if Roman and Brock end up being the last match I can get an earlier night sleep than usual on Wrestlemania night! Once again I want to thank you guys for your hard work, I love the show and everything about it!

Brad from Vancouver

Ladies chamber match was better than expected, happy to see Sasha get through a match this dangerous in one piece. I felt Alexa stepped up her in ring and am happy with her winning

Ronda needs a manager ASAP, anyone familiar with her in ufc knew that her ‘magic’ came through intensity and in ring work. Hoping she’ll be handled properly

Final chamber was a fun showcase for Braun, I hope they have somewhere for Finn to go from this, was disappointed that they try so hard for so many years to make Roman into this unstoppable force. Enough already

DC and Cain in front row, but no shout out? On purpose or overlooked by the cameras ?