WWE Elimination Chamber 2019 Live chat/thread

Match card courtesy of cbs sports.

I think undoubtedly the Smackdown elimination chamber match will be awesome other than that this really kinda feels like a glorified raw show.
Nevertheless I do think the women’s tag title will be booked to be an exciting match.
Ronda Rousey vs Ruby Riott if they get 15mins I think this could be a great match. Other than that this might be a struggle to get through on my own so let’s chat about the show tonight. :slight_smile:

Everyone should definitely download the Grappl app too I have just started mine will be interesting to compare match ratings with you all.

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Promo from Big E and Woods pretty much confirming that Kofi will still just be a comedy act when all is said and done.

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Damn I might have to start watching more 205 that match was fricking awesome. Not sold on aiden english on commentary yet might need to give him another listen.

Come on IIconics win those tag titles!!!

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I really enjoyed this chamber match. Some spots I had never seen before. Safe but good.

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Fine effort by all involved they certainly did enough to keep my attention throughout the match. Looks like we are getting a banks/bayley vs trish/lita match at mania after that however I would like to see io Shirai and kairi sane called up very soon. Gunna be interesting to see how they present the division being on two shows.

A very antagonistic backstage interviewer is Dasha “lio are you the weak link tonight.” Lol

Is Cole drunk out there?

Rene brought up TGI Fridays… Must be a sign she is going with Dean to AEW


I just hope it’s not the end of Rush in the main roster.

There are a lot of comparisons you can make between Becky lynch and Steve Austin but the one thing Austin had that Becky doesn’t is a Jim Ross!

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Why did lacey evans just come and leave? Wtf was the point of tht?


To show how badly botched this latest batch of NXT call-ups.

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Incredibly lazy booking isn’t it!

I have High expectations for this match don’t see a title change in this one. Joe vs Bryan to start take my money :moneybag:

All they did was ohh theres lacey evans…a bckstage segment would have been better

Holy Shit Let’s Go Kofi! That spot with him being rammed into the pod looked brutal.

Amazing finish to that match. Kofi made me believe