WWE expected to launch NXT India program in 2021

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2020/12/11/wwe-expected-to-launch-nxt-india-program-in-2021/

With reporting from Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics

WWE is embarking on a television series for the Indian market, which POST Wrestling has been told is expected to begin filming in the new year.

Reporting alongside Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics, we were told that the series is expected to begin filming in January, according to multiple sources.

While plans can always change, as of several weeks ago, they were planning to feature an eight-man single-elimination tournament for the new series.

The series, described as “NXT India”, is expected to air on linear television in India along with a digital window through the WWE Network.

WWE has a distribution deal in India with Sony Pictures Networks India Private Limited (SPN), a deal which was extended this past March with the announcement of a five-year renewal. The deal also includes SPN having the rights to the WWE Network for its audiences through their own OTT platform SonyLIV.

Another word for “international domination” and monopolizing the world.

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Good. WWE needs more programming, really a lack of available content out there


WWE needs to grow and grow quickly. Whatever they think will work, great. Don’t expect me, a North American consumer, to give a sh!t about it.

Well they will probably do a better job than TNA did with Rinka King. They already have plenty of people that will be great spokesmen for the brand. Like the Great Khali, Sonjay Dutt, etc.

I think the Great Khali should be the GM. He would be perfect.

I feel like this will be a failed experiment. WWE has a terrible track record when it comes to making other ethnic groups into big stars with a few exceptions.

Yeah but Vince McMahon won’t be involved with this. And the point is not to make a Star on the WWE main roster. Maybe in the future but not on this show.

Just like NXT UK they are letting the people run the show they want with a few notes from Hunter and his producers. The point is develop talent in India and also try and make in roads in that country at the same time. If it gets popular this could be a big boon for them since India is second most populace country in the world with a strong economy. Look at what they have done in the UK. They built their own Performance Center and their own Full Sail like studio. The same will probably be done in India as well.

I don’t know much about the sports scene in India. But from what I know the two most popular sports are cricket and soccer. So WWE has a pretty good chance to breakthrough. People in India are familiar with the product. I’ve read before that the Great Khali is treated like a god there. So you never know.

Well if it’s a NXT UK thing then I could see it working. I didn’t bother reading the article lol I do hope it succeeds!.

This coming form a brown person

I think this one will be more interesting than NXT UK. Because WWE needs to build the talent pool from the ground up in India. The ready made talent won’t be right there for the picking like it was in the UK. The ring work won’t probably be as good as the two NXT shows not yet anyway. I’m expecting the ring work to be like WWE in the 80s. But it will be really interesting how this thing gets built up.

To be fair, I dont think they expect you to care about it. I’ve always thought that Triple H’s vision for NXT was to essentially recreate the territories, but in a way where it would all fit under the WWE umbrella.

They obviously already have NXT USA, NXT UK and now this, I’m sure NXT Japan will be next, then something else after that. I expect the younger talents to go from “territory” to “territory” to give them experience working all around the world while ultimately still being under their control.

Not saying I like it or dislike it, I don’t really care as it doesn’t effect me and I’m not going to watch it, but I get it.

The problem here is that for so many years WWE established itself and its wrestlers as a global brand. Fans want to see WWE stars not a watered down version of their local Indy.

It’s why NXT UK has been a flop and any talk of an NXT Japan is laughable. They want the stars they see on TV.

And if they don’t want that, they are served fine enough by whatever is already there. No one is clamouring for more NXT

I 100% disagree with this. Look at someone like Yao Ming. Check out how much money he drew for the NBA just based on his connection with China. Same goes for Manny Pacquiao. Check out how much money he drew for boxing because he’s filipino. Bret Hart proved long ago how profitable it is when you tap into another countries nationalistic pride.

Yeah someone like Seth Rollins can draw in people in India who watch WWE regularly. But the people who don’t watch WWE regularly. The “casual audience”. You definitely need someone from that country to draw them in. Just like Yao Ming, Pacquiao, and Bret did for their sports or entertainment whatever.

Has it been a flop? Because from what I’ve read NXT UK has decimated the UK indy scene. Well Covid and the Speaking out movement helped a great deal as well. Looking at NXT UKs situation. I think WWE is probably quite happy with it. They’ve taken most of the top talent and the Indies are hanging by thread. Mission accomplished.

I would say its more like the NBA’s Basketball Without Borders program. Thats the model they are copying.

I’m not giving my perception, I’m basing what I said on interviews he did a couple years ago. I did a quick google search, and this is what I’m talking about.

Not saying you are wrong, just showing what I was basing my post on.

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Yeah I get it. Hunter did this for the NXT in the beginning not trying to argue that. But the whole expansion globally to UK, now India, maybe southeast Asia as well. This is similar to what the NBA did. It obviously worked for them. You got so many international talent now playing in the NBA.

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Ya I hear you, and I do agree.

I get why some fans don’t like this narrative and try to fight it, it just gives WWE more power in an industry they are already dominating which pisses some off. WWE’s goal is to kill all competition, it always has been, and it always will. Your earlier point about NXT UK is a perfect example of them getting exactly what they want. Doesn’t mean I like it, but it is what it is.

This isn’t them trying to create more content for North American viewers or western viewers in general. This is them creating content for Indians because they want more Indian fans because they want more money. It’s an obvious point but the whole “do they expect us to watch another show? Hahaha” doesn’t really apply here as it’s not aimed at us.

I also don’t think it’ll work unless they break into song and dance between every match.

(Close to the line for this forum but I think it’s okay…)

The Yao Ming and Pacquaio comparisons lost me. WWE isn’t in the business of creating superstars anymore, they make content. That’s it and that’s all this will be. Stuff Indian people can watch so they don’t watch other things, they’re trying to saturate the market.

Which big stars have NXT UK or NXT made in the past few years? Basically no one. If they do become somewhat of a star they get called up to the main roster and ruined.

The whole Hunter territorial plan may have been a good idea when there wasn’t any real competition, but I think WWE should worry about the dwindling fan base of the main roster before more NXT stuff.

And how is it considered a success that NXT UK helped kill the Indy scene there? Less people are interested in wrestling now.

The only reason why NXT UK was even created was because they were worried about World of Sport. It’s been a massive waste of time and money overall, and probably a big reason why so many guys had to be cut during the pandemic

I brought them up. To show how profitable it can be to have stars from foreign countries. Since you said foreigners will only watch the WWE stars not stars from their own country. If thats the case why did they bother making a performance center in the UK or a Studio.

Again. I have to Disagree. Its not WWE who isn’t interested in making stars. Its VINCE MCMAHON who isn’t interested. Vince Mcmahon is in his senile phase where he’s only interested in what entertains him and his favorite wrestlers that changes from week to week.

I highly doubt Stephanie or Hunter feel the same way. They are just biding there time until Vince retires or kicks the bucket.

The WWE can make as much content as they want. As you you can see with the Network. Its stagnated very little new viewers are ordering the Network. Thats why they just fired two people who were heavily involved with the Network and brought in someone else.You need Stars to draw viewers in. Just like how it is for Disney+. You think they would have had the huge growth for their streaming service if not for the huge popularity of the Marvel characters and the Star Wars characters?

Hunter and Steph both grew up in the business. And they know full well what the issue is. But like I said they are just waiting. Which they can afford to since WWE is still profitable. If you listen to John and Brandons quarterly report podcast here on PostWrestling. WWE made a lot of money this year despite the pandemic. So they really have nothing to worry about. NXT UK, India etc is all for the future.

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Because they were scared World of Sport would draw a big audience. No other reason. They’ve created zero big UK stars since starting there.

And it doesn’t matter what Hunter and Stephanie want. It’s Vince’s company, he’s going to live another 20 years or more. Hunter will be a senior citizen if/when he ever has any control. So settle in.

The pro sports comparisons don’t work here. WWE could make anyone a star but they only have a chance if they have a look and body Vince likes. That’s the only factor, nothing to do with skill or if the audience likes them