WWE Extreme Rules Discussion Thread

Show starts at 7, Shane Music plays at 7:07, bell rings at 7:18

A no holds barred match where you have to tag

They don’t even show where Shane lands anymore

Thought that was going to be a lot worse than it was. Taker looked better than his last few matches.

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It is quite obvious how Taker protects a guy when tombstoning somebody (Shane) having watched a lot of other tombstones lately. Shane may have been 24 inches away from the mat.

Great match between Cesarro and Black

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This show has been good

Great match but the ending was a little lame with another crash pad.

I know WWE only books like 8 hours in advance but I think if they could have put Lashley over to be the next contender for Seth.

Got home late, but at least the match I was hoping to catch in the triple threat tag match was solid.

Worst wrestling attire of 2018 goes to Baron Corbin, it’s a lock at this point. I can’t take this guy wrestling in that seriously.

What the actual Fudge, on paper that just screams of TNA.

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They’re really beating the fuck out of each other for a cricket response.