WWE FASTLANE 2019 live/chat thread

Can anybody explain why Mustafa is in this match either in Kayfabe or from a booking perspective? I can’t see any reasoning behind it.

Mustafa Ali should have been held out until Kofi wins the title. Then do a quick program with Ali coming back and claiming Kofi only got all that because he was gone. And he should have turned heel then. What has happened with Kofi has overshadowed Ali tenfold and he’s basically Back to scratch. Which is hard for babyfaces.

Wow this show is shit.

Because he beat bryan a few months back when he debut on the main roster and never got his title match because he got injured before elimination chamber

So did Kofi. And in Kayfabe Owens signed a contract. I guess match contracts are entirely open to changes at the last minute from any of the McMahons.

The fact that they are including the fact that ambrose is leaving is telling me that something is up with that because they are really going overboard with the narrative that ambrose isn’t resigning.

I’m thinking that he already resign and that they will make him disappear for a while and treat is return as a big deal maybe even have him be a free agent.


Aside from maybe two matches, it was a very enjoyable show.

Becky/Charlotte ending just showed why they should’ve just booked the 3 way outright instead of this convoluted mess.

Poor Owens, Bryan and Ali…all 3 legit avoided what could’ve been serious injuries in their match but the damn crowd decided to chant for Kofi…was kind of ironic that it was a Daniel Bryan match.

Crowd should’ve known Kofi is a lock for Mania and just enjoyed what we got.

Shield 6 man’s always deliver, ended the show on a good note.

But does WWE have to shit all over Cleveland the entire show? After the second Elias performance I was over it.

And I always knew Shane was the bad guy since the first episode of him being commissioner of Smackdown Live. Should’ve punched Miz dad, that guy had the emotional range of Brie Bella.

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It doesn’t matter what WWE does, they can’t seem to win with these fans. It’s clearly obvious that Kingston is winning the title at Mania. They’re giving fans what they want, even though in reality…Kofi Kingston isn’t WWE Championship material.

Yet the so called “fans” shit all over the handicap and triple threat matches. The WWE just got Kingston even more over. What the fuck more do some of these people want?

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I’m kinda just looking forward to the new day split and how they book it should be a great angle.

The match that was advertised…

Mandy not winning the title was not best for business.

Let Mandymania run wild.

Imagine her doing the HBK playgirl.pose witj that title.

Mandy I mean…imagine her, not HBK…if you don’t swing that way.

Remind me which match Kofi Kingston was advertised for? Because I’m pretty sure he wasn’t advertised for one, yet still got one and is even more over now, because of it.

And if you’re trying to talk about the WWE title match…no one would have minded if Kofi was added, so why is it bad that Ali(who pinned the champion and deserves a title shot) was added? It’s all about the story of getting the fans behind Kingston.

This guy is not WWE Championship material. He is not a main event level guy. He’s good, but if Ali never got injured, odds are this guy is in a midcard, maybe even preshow match. They’re going to more than likely give this guy their biggest title, on the biggest stage they have.

They fuck up a hell of a lot, but they are getting this right and deserve praise for it.

Anyone else losing a lot of interest in the women’s triple threat program fast? The feud seems to have lost a lot of steam this week. The whole worked shoot thing Ronda did on YouTube was just flat out lame and then Becky gets in with a DQ finish.

It’s also weird how the other main event of the show (Brock vs Seth) has kind of been put on the back burner in the past few weeks.

It definitely feels like Kofi’s underdog quest for the title at Mania is becoming the program that the fans get behind most. It likely won’t happen, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have Kofi/Bryan close the show.

You’re right. “Advertised” was the wrong word. But fact is that you can’t tell the crowd they’re getting the match they want, then take it away, and not expect to cause this reaction. In fact, seems like this was the reaction they were going for. A manufactured version of the organic Daniel Bryan build (which they now take credit for) to Wrestlemania 30.

The live crowd is never going to be a fan of “long-term booking” when they’re in the arena, even if they are the same fans that bitch about the lack of it when they’re behind their keyboards.

Nothing is guaranteed in WWE. Definitely not a black babyface winning even the secondary world title at Wrestlemania (see WM19).

Main Event Level Guy.

To quote the noted philosopher Inigo Montoya: “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means”.

This is scripted entertainment meant to simulate sports…Anyone can be a main event or if properly promoted, brother. In a world where we’ve seen Great Khali/Jinder Mahal/Miz before he was ready/Goldberg past his prime/Brock babysitting the belt for a year…Pretty much anything & everything is on the table.

The fans are behind the guy, he can deliver in the ring, he (and the New Day) are some of the best guys in the Fed to put on mainstream talk shows, and he’s got a real story that the audience can identify with. Will Kofi go on to have a Sammartino-like reign? No…But that doesn’t mean he can’t have a fun run w/the company’s secondary singles title. :100:


I like Kingston. I’ve always been a fan. But you actually are one of the problems with fans today. You just accept that this is a secondary title and anyone can hold it. I don’t think it should be that way. Jinder Mahal should have never been champion. Bray Wyatt should never have been champion. Goldberg & Brock at any point in their careers are bigger stars and better options.

I would love nothing more than to see him at that level. I don’t want to just accept that he can win the secondary title. I need more than a month and a half of build though. A guy slinging pancakes for years, is more deserving of preshows, than WWE title matches. It’s been a good story. I just need a lengthier one, brother.

It is booked like a secondary title and anyone can hold it.

Kofi is totally deserving of a run, he’s hot right now and could trigger a break up of The New Day. Great story to tell post-Wrestlemania.

Who else is a suitable opponent to face Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania? A lengthy build isn’t always necessary. Wrestling was at its most popular when the storylines progressed at a faster rate.

Part of the problem with WWE in my opinion is that they don’t act quickly enough on guys getting over and just let them flounder away in the mid-card too long to the point where they become stale (see: Rusev).

Wrestlemania would be the perfect time to pull the trigger on Kofi, as he’s super over right now. If they wait too long, they risk squandering this opportunity with him.

I’m still feeling that Kevin Owens will somehow found is way into the title match at mania with Kofi and Bryan. I feel like they might have Vince come out on smackdown and say that since Owens wasn’t pin at fastlane, he gets a rematch at mania and then announce that he heard the fans and that he will add kofi to the match only if he gets through the matches he has plan for him tonight. You dedicated the last hour of smackdown to this with every challenge being more difficult then the precious on and at the end, Kofi prevail and Vince is forced to add him to the WWE championship match at mania.

But since this won’t be ending the show, in fact i wouldn’T be surprise if this is the opener, you got a little more leeway with the ending, you can either go with the feel good moment of kofi winning the belt or have KO screw Kofi out of his title win and Owens win the belt.