WWE FASTLANE 2019 live/chat thread


I’m still feeling that Kevin Owens will somehow found is way into the title match at mania with Kofi and Bryan. I feel like they might have Vince come out on smackdown and say that since Owens wasn’t pin at fastlane, he gets a rematch at mania and then announce that he heard the fans and that he will add kofi to the match only if he gets through the matches he has plan for him tonight. You dedicated the last hour of smackdown to this with every challenge being more difficult then the precious on and at the end, Kofi prevail and Vince is forced to add him to the WWE championship match at mania.

But since this won’t be ending the show, in fact i wouldn’T be surprise if this is the opener, you got a little more leeway with the ending, you can either go with the feel good moment of kofi winning the belt or have KO screw Kofi out of his title win and Owens win the belt.


I understand wanting a longer story, especially for WrestleMania…But that’s not on Kofi. I think the guy’s always had main event talent, but creative has often failed him.

And to Kofi’s credit, he & the New Day are focusing more on the 11 years of work rather than the last 2 months of him getting the big solo push. So in that respect, this is the ultimate “slow burn” story. And if they don’t pull the trigger now, then when? :100:


I’d rather see the belt on a guy like Kofi who I’ve enjoyed watching for years and deserves it more than anyone. Than on a guy like Brock who’s never there and could care less about it.


But, but the internets say that WWE sees Lacey Evens is the future and all that. :roll_eyes: