Asuka pointed at the wrestlemania sign…TIME FOR A WHISKEY SHOT!!!

Well at least the Smackdown side of Mania will be entertaining.

Asuka fears Bliss

John Cena might take the belt here if the undertaker has already decided he can’t do any more matches.

I thought it was Rey Mysterio. But unknown about the injury at N.E.W. Btw, the Asuka-Charlotte staredown, for me, was a holy shit moment.

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Bludgeon Brothers should wreck this match also … just to keep A.J./Naka on course.

Dolph Ziggler I don’t understand you anymore

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I got a chuckle there with Owens and Zayn’s entrance, just making that one part of the story with those two in the match a little better.

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Those 2 don’t let up as performers. They make sure everything has some impact.

I know it’s a booking crutch to not get a champion pinned, but I’d like these rules in a multi man match:

  • You pin or submit the champion, you’re the champion.
  • The champion pins or submits anyone, match is over and retains.
  • Pin or submit anyone but the champion, they are eliminated.

That’s gotta be a 10 minute misconduct penalty.

For some reason, I have a feeling that Shane is going to turn heel and side with Sami.

Logan and Morgan attack Charlotte. Ref doesn’t see it.
Ref: ‘You two are ejected!!’

Shane pulls ref away during 2 separate pin counts.
Ref: ‘Do you need any more popcorn Shane?’


Tbh, was looking for Daniel Bryan. Kinda sad to see the fro.

Just watched the opening match on replay again. I guess it just wasn’t Rusev’s day …

That was the part I didn’t understand or really like. I understand that Shane is the commissioner but during the match the ref should be god, not some bumbling ‘yes’ man who is afraid to show some authority to someone who signs his/her cheques.

Interference is interference, and needs to be dealt with. We’ve already seen Kurt have some power over Trips and Steph why not have Bryan step in and kick him out or grant refs the authority to do it.

I honestly don’t understand why Shane has it out for Owens and Zayn. Talent cheat on his show all the time, he has feeds and is seen watching them all the time why is he not out there having it out with them?

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