WWE Greatest Royal Rumble Post Show w/ John Pollock & Wai Ting (Patreon Bonus)

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2018/04/27/wwe-greatest-royal-rumble-post-show-w-john-pollock-wai-ting-patreon-bonus/

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John Pollock and Wai Ting review WWE Greatest Royal Rumble 2018:

Featuring a 50-man Royal Rumble, Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar in a steel cage match for the WWE Universal Championship, AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura for the WWE World Championship and more.

The two run down the results of the entire show, discuss the controversies coming out of it, and read your feedback from the POST Wrestling Forum.

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I like all your content you have on your site however I couldn’t get through this review because you kept going over the social/political implications of this show. I get it. Saudi Arabia is not with the times. I would have understood if you didn’t want to review this event. I could tell both of you were uneasy talking about the event.

I appreciate your effort. Thanks

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I’m at the very least happy that my free trial has seen Roman lose twice to Brock and Braun Strowman show how good a character he can be with the WrestleMania performance and the win of the greatest royal number. He’s the BIG guy the company should push, but trusting them is a tough thing to get past.

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Did you see him with Vince aND that gargantuan trophy? I think Vince is sold and Braun s his new toy.

Vince has the freaky size obsession. So many huge guys. How can they keep referring to Neese as this 205 guy when he was as big if not bigger than the so called small guys. All the debuts were HUGE guys. Braun’s right in Vince’s giant wheelhouse.

I agree… I love John and Wai but I feel like things have been piled on a bit much. I just started watching backlash 2000 becuase they said they will be reviewing it this weekend and I couldn’t help but notice there are no women’s matches on this card, fans are holding up homophobic signs, and the commentators are making mysoginistic comments.

Should I boycott the WWE Network for hosting this content or Post Wrestling for promoting it by giving rewind reviews of it? I don’t think I should but the way everyone has been piling on WWE and Saudi Arabia this week maybe I should.

You’re making an equivalency argument between a country that puts homosexuals and protesters to death with an attitude era PPV.


“The US is hardly a good place for minorities or homosexuals”??? Name a better place on Earth for black and brown people and gays than the US Pollock? What an insulting comment, we bend over so far to accommodate them (affirmative action, racial quotas, instructions in their languages, etc). Seriously name any systemic laws that are against non whites and gays in America. If it’s so bad why do millions every year risk their lives to live here? You live in such a liberal bubble John.

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This show is available for all POST Wrestling Café patrons – visit Patreon.com/POSTwrestling

Weird. You’re criticizing something John said on a podcast behind a pay wall you are not part of. You certainly are entitled to your opinion. I’m glad you edited your initial post as it sounded pretty harsh to the minorities you mentioned. I’m not sure who in the U.S claim to an identity of being “Brown”.

I would say any country where nationally, gay marriage is legal would be considered a better place to live for a homosexual than the U.S. Any country with no history of African enslavement would check that mark. And as for “browns” if you mean Hispanic people (I think that’s what you mean) I hear your President has some thoughts on a wall of some kind. Your country was built on the backs of immigration. I give you that. But immigration patterns have greatly changed. Millions of gay people are immigrating to the U.S? No they’re not. Like I said there are much more inclusive countries out there in Northern Europe. Most new immigration in coming from Asia. They weren’t even mentioned in your critique.

I think John’s remarks were too general because the U.S is a big place but you can’t say that modern North America is pristine in our treatment of minorities and people who are different. That’s just not true.


Ignoring the politics and just focusing on a wrestling perspective, I found this show to be a glorified house show with not much storyline progression. WWE has officially hit its post-Wrestlemania lull. I thought they could have gone with at least one title change in one of the big matches.

The double countout finish in the WWE title match was lame. Brock Lesnar/Roman Reigns finish was a cool spot, but this would have been the opportune time to put the title on Roman. Brock probably won’t be back until Summerslam, so Raw will likely be without a main title in its top programs for a few months. With that in mind, I think AJ/Nakamura has to close the show at Backlash. Backlash will be Nakamura/AJ’s time to shine and deliver a show stealer. The only other match that could probably be show closing worthy is Samoa Joe/Reigns, but it is kind of a one-and-done program with them being on opposite brands.


I’m okay with the occasional political commentary.

Some of y’all got to relax and be okay with listening to different opinions. It’s okay to hear opposing views to your own.


I thought the Saudi event was strange, especially the not having females anywhere but good grief, John acted like this was the most horrible thing to ever happen in the history of the world. Podcast got old quick. Shouldn’t have even done one if you were so upset about it.

The whole event seemed like a house show but with more botches. Lucky no one got hurt badly. I actually thought the show would be better than what it was.

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Your posts are always so fascinating in a “wait, what?” kind of way, my brother. They’re kind of like that Titus “botch”…Either a terrible mistake or a genius work of performance art! You’re our Kanye. :100:


This was a bonus show for us paying patrons. This is his job and since we’re talking about it and all heard the show we consumed his product.

You don’t have to agree with John aND Wai’s politics and you don’t have to listen to the whole show as the first poster on here didn’t, but I just don’t get how people are upset about reviewers here and on other sites talking politics about this show when this whole show was nothing but politics.

There were bourgeois politicians in the front row who couldn’t care less about the talent working their asses off. There were sprinkles of women in the audience all who had to be under the supervision of a man. This show was not about wrestling it was about politics. How can you possibly review this show and NOT focus on the politics.

If John is talking politics and NOT wrestling next week at Backlash I’ll join your cause but this is a far different and scarier beast. I studied world history in university and those Vision 2030 pieces are taken right out of the propaganda manual of many many terrible states in the past.

I don’t get how people could watch this show and think only of the wrestling. Sami Zayn who was asked not to attend because he is of Syrian descent I’m sure wasn’t at home just focused on the wrestling here.


the logic behind this comment is truly disgusting and this comment is very revealing about the deeply rooted racism in your heart, no wonder you’re so triggered.

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it’s as if people can’t handle talking about more than one thing, or just triggered by opinions that aren’t based on a total lack of empathy for others. it baffles me that talking about equality and what’s morally right literally makes people angry. but hey, MAGA right?

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No I find it insulting how naive Pollock can be about the US because he lives in such a tiny liberal bubble and never seems to go outside of it with insulting comments like this. Say whatever you want about being a minority in America (If you just watch liberal propaganda outlets I can see how you might think) but he said we don’t treat gays right? They have full equal rights where in most countries they aren’t allowed to marry or adopt kids. We constantly have parades for them. At the very least we should never be accused of being intolerant to homosexuality because its legal here and not punishable by death like it is in many countries.

I think John is incredibly smart and I am disappointed when he makes such false and inflaming comments.

Another patreon told me about it. I haven’t listened to the show. OK in 4 countries in Europe (out of over 200 countries on Earth) it might be slightly better to be gay than in here than the US. You got me.

I have a complete different point of view on this show. I don’t know if I’m the only one. Any WWE PPV outside of the US feels like a house show for me. So I didn’t give it a lot of importance.

You are putting words I didn’t say into my mouth. I am not defending the laws in Sadia Arabia and I don’t agree with them.

The equivalency is how much guilt should I feel for watching the Saudi Arabia show vs an attitude era ppv. Both present views I don’t agree with but I am a fan of this form of entertainment. I have had to compromise my morals to stick with this brand for a long time. The women’s money in the bank almost made me quit for good. I just done believe agreeing to do business with Saudia Arabia even cracks the top 10 in things the WWE has done that I morally disagree with.

So my point about this sounds like piling on is not a defese of Saudia Arabia but an observation that more people are reacting to this much more passionately than other recent WWE injustices.

Hasn’t heard the show, yet feels the need to voice his complaints.