WWE HOF 2019

Loved the event as a whole this year, it felt more genuine this year and outside of that stupid attack on bret hart, the event was a lot of fun to watch and who knews how many people hulk hogan help throughout is career. Everybody seem to thank hogan for something hogan did to advance their career.

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Will be watching as soon as the G1 show is over. I’m glad you enjoyed the show I’m definitely looking forward to hearing a lot of the speeches on the show this year.

From what I saw: Loved the Harlem Heat introduction. Stevie Ray has always been an underrated talker with charisma to boot.

Say what you will about Ed Lessie. He was genuine happy to be put in the HOF and the crowd in the end was happy for him to be inducted.

I’ve said this for a long time. The Hall of Fame should be INVITE ONLY.

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If you want to go to a wrestling show, there’s plenty to choose from on Mania weekend. Don’t start heckling John Cena when he’s trying to recognize somebody publicly for pretty much the first time in her career.

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Can’t remember a Hall of Fame where I was genuinely happy for so many of the inductees. Seemed to really mean a lot to them. However, I will say that it didn’t always make for the most compelling TV.

Also, DX speech summed up those Kliq guys perfectly: “It’s all fake carny bullshit, but it’s also super important that you think we’re the best at it.”

HTM’s speech was very disappointing and Brutus was all over the place but all the others were really good. Torrie and Harlem Heat were especially fun.