WWE Money In The Bank 2018 Prediction Contest

WWE Championship
Last Man Standing Match

AJ Styles© vs Shinsuke Nakamura(1 Point) - Nakamura

WWE Raw Womens Championship

Nia Jax© vs Ronda Rousey(1 Point) - Natalya after a Rollins style cash in

WWE Smackdown Womens Championship

Carmella© vs Asuka(1 Point) - Asuka

WWE Intercontinental Championship

Seth Rollins© vs Elias(1 Point) - Rollins

Mens Money In The Bank Match

Bobby Roode vs Braun Strowman vs Finn Balor vs Kevin Owens vs New Day Member vs Rusev vs Samoa Joe vs The Miz(3 Points) - Samoa Joe

Womens Money In The Bank Match

Alexa Bliss vs Becky Lynch vs Charlotte vs Ember Moon vs Lana vs Naomi Natalya vs Sasha Banks(3 Points) - Natalya

Jinder Mahal vs Roman Reigns(1 Point) - Roman Reigns

Big Cass vs Daniel Bryan(1 Point) - Daniel Bryan

Bobby Lashley vs Sami Zayn(1 Point) - Lashley

Kick Off Show
WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship

The Bludgeon Brothers© vs Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows(1 Point) - Bludgen Brothers

Bonus Questions

1.Of the ten matches listed which match will go on first on the main card?(1 Point) Womens MITB match
2.Of the ten matches listed which match will go on last on the main card?(1 Point) Nia Jax vs Ronda Rousey
3.Of the ten matches listed on the main card which match will go on longest?(1 Point) AJ vs Nakamura
4.Of the ten matches listed on the main card which match will go on shortest?(1 Point) Roman vs Jinder
5. Which New Day member will take part in the Mens Money In The Bank(1 Point) Big E
6. Will they be a MITB cash in on the night?(1 Point) Yes

No more entries now.

The longest match was AJ vs Nakamura, the shortest was Lashley vs Sami & Ronda is credited to winning her match

Josh_1990 12
Celticy 11
MJfromNJ 11
AutorOfPosts 10
POSTmaster 10
A-Rob 9
Chris_Thunder 9
Lunatic Fred 9
psykohurricane 9
Saeed 8
Dan 7
Jez 7
Pickles0303 7
RedRaider07 7
Brian_McCoy 6
CorSec99 6
Rated_R_Superstar 6
Striktnyne 6
JT_Grizzle 5
totpoulous 5

totopoulous 38
RedRaider07 37
MJfromNJ 36
Rated_R_Poster 36
Pickles0303 34
Psykohurricane 34
POSTmaster 27
AuthorOfPosts 24
Meche 24
ChrisFromWV 21
JT_Grizzle 20
RocketKing 20
A-Rob 16
Chris_Thunder 16
CorSec99 15
fyrooz4125 15
Dan 14
Josh_1990 12
Celticy 11
Lunatic Fred 9
Rexander 9
jmanyates 8
rick 8
Saeed 8
GerardGerard 7
Jez 7
Tom_R 7
Brian_McCoy 6
Chris_Kent 6
nap3s 6
Striktnyne 6

Thanks Pickles for keeping track of this!


Same Pickles, thanks for the craic :slight_smile: