WWE Money in the Bank 2022: Liv Morgan & Theory win MITB, Morgan becomes new champion

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WWE Money in the Bank

July 2nd, 2022

By: John Siino

MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, NV

Commentary: Jimmy Smith, Corey Graves & Byron Saxton

Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Becky Lynch vs. Asuka vs. Liv Morgan vs. Raquel Rodriguez vs. Lacey Evans vs. Shotzi vs. Alexa Bliss

Becky Lynch and Asuka go right at it in the ring as everyone else is on the outside brawling and grabbing the ladders. Lynch tries to drop a huge ladder on Asuka, but she is able to get out of the way and drop Lynch and Liv Morgan on top fo the ladder before getting knocked to the outside by Raquel Rodriguez. Raquel tries to grab the ladder with them on it before using it to take down Lacey Evans and Alexa Bliss. Lynch and Morgan start double-teaming Raquel, but she hits a double suplex to them on top of the ladder. Shotzi (wearing Elvis tribute gear) gets into a tug of war with Raquel and a ladder before Asuka and Evans come in and help Shotzi, driving Raquel into the corner. Evans slams Morgan into the ladder before getting tossed into it by Asuka, as Lynch piles Asuka on top of the other three and hits a leg drop onto the ladder and the women. Bliss comes in and takes them all down with the Molly Go Round. Bliss starts climbing a ladder, but gets taken off by Raquel, but Bliss knocks Raquel out with a hurricanrana. Asuka and Shotzi go at it, with Asuka sending Shotzi into a ladder with a hip toss and goes to climb the ladder.

Evans starts climbing the ladder with Asuka, but they get tipped off the ladder by Lynch. Evans and Shotzi start taking turns going up the ladder, until it’s just Evans trying to grab the briefcase, but Raquel and Morgan join her up there as Morgan comes crashing down with Evans, slamming her down with a powerbomb. Shotzi traps Raquel upside down on the ladder until she crashes down, as Bliss starts climbing the ladder, but Shotzi grabs her and they go crashing backward knocking the ladder down. Shotzi starts climbing the ladder, but Lynch knocks her down and climbs herself but Shotzi sends her off. Shotzi goes for a senton off the top rope, but Lynch gets out of the way as Asuka starts running up the ladder, but Raquel pulls her off and tries herself as they start brawling. Raquel goes and sets up a ladder between the apron and the commentary table and goes back and forth with Asuka before Lynch ends up sending Asuka on top of the ladder. Lynch climbs the ladder and hits a senton to Asuka who was laying on the ladder. Raquel, Bliss, Shotzi, and Evans all start fighting inside and start climbing the ladders, but Lynch runs in and knocks all four off the ladders before she starts climbing herself, but Morgan quickly joins her, knocking Lynch off the ladder and grabbing the briefcase for the win.

Winner: Liv Morgan at 16:34, to win the Money in the Bank

WWE United States Championship: Theory (c) vs. Bobby Lashley

The crowd is fully behind Bobby Lashley to start the match, as they lock up and Lashley sends Theory to the outside, who already is getting frustrated. Theory runs in and gets taken down quickly and hard with a choke bomb, as Lashley goes for the spear, but Theory escapes to the outside. They fight on the apron, as Lashley sends Theory crashing down to the outside with a forearm. They start fighting on the outside, before Theory sends Lashley into the ring post and then the barricade, running back inside and telling the referee to count Lashley out, but he gets in at eight. Lashley barely catches a jumping Theory from the apron and sends him crashing into the ring post. Lashley again for the spear, but Theory collapses down, begging for mercy but Lashley tosses him into all the corners. Theory takes control and starts stomping at Lashley and sending him down with clotheslines. They start fighting on the top rope, but Theory superkicks Lashley off and gets a two-count. Theory holds Lashley down for a while with a side headlock, but Lashley eventually powers out and tries to put on the Hurt Lock before sending Theory over with an over the head suplex and a clothesline in the corner. Lashley goes for a jackhammer, but Theory escapes and tries to roll through, only to be press slammed into a power slam for a two count. Theory escapes out of a gut wrench and sends Lashley face-first into the middle turnbuckle and hits a roll through dropkick for a two count. Theory calls for A Town Down, but Lashley reverses into a two count, and picks up Theory, but Theory rakes Lashley’s eyes, hits a spear, and tries A Town Down again. Lashley gets out and puts on the Hurt Lock as Theory submits, as Lashley becomes United States champion for the third time.

Winner: Bobby Lashley by submission at 11:01, to become NEW WWE United States Champion

Miss Money in the Bank

Sarah Schreiber is backstage with Liv Morgan and asks her if she has figured out when and who she will cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase on. Morgan said she really doesn’t want to mess this chance up, and WrestleMania sounds good but right now she just wants to celebrate.

WWE Raw Women’s Championship: Bianca Belair (c) vs. Carmella

Bianca Belair takes Carmella down right away a couple of times with a waist lock before Carmella goes to the apron to try and regroup. They get into a bit of a shoving match as Carmella starts talking trash. Bianca comes back by driving Carmella into the corner with a shoulder block, before catching Carmella and dropping her with two backbreakers but misses the moonsault as Carmella rolls to the outside. Carmella takes control and starts sending Bianca into the corners while continuing the trash talking. Carmella traps Bianca in a submission while kicking away at Bianca’s head, but Bianca rolls her over for a two count. Bianca tries a scoop slam, but Carmella grabs her hair and slams her down. Bianca comes back with an impressive stalled suplex as the crowd gets behind her. Carmella dodges a running Bianca in the corner and tries a couple of pin attempts, including one with her feet on the ropes, but Bianca kicks out of all of them. Carmella starts smacking Bianca around, which only gets her angry as she picks up Carmella and hits the KOD for the pin and the win.

Winner: Bianca Belair by pinfall at 7:13, to retain

After the match, as Bianca is celebrating, Carmella attacks her and leaves her laid out in the ring.

They show footage of Logan Paul training at the WWE Performance Center and the news of him signing with WWE. Logan Paul says he didn’t sign this contract to sign with The Miz and wants nothing to do with him, as he’s dead to him and his enemy and he signed it to beat The Miz’s ass at SummerSlam. The Miz will respond to Logan Paul this Monday on Raw.

We see footage from earlier in the day of Alexa Bliss going into her locker room and asking Lilly where all these clothes came from and Lilly ‘tells’ her that she bought it all with the WWE credit card. Alexa opens a box and it’s a pair of tiny roller blades.

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship: The Usos (Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso) (c) vs. Street Profits (Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins)

Michael Cole and Pat MacAfee join Graves on commentary and bring up the rumors of Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins not getting along. Dawkins and Jimmy Uso start the match, taking each other down quickly before Dawkins takes Jimmy out with a dropkick and spinebuster and tags in Ford the frog splash, but Jimmy rolls to the outside. Ford and Jey go at it, before the Street Profits double team on Jey as Dawkins gets a two count. Jimmy takes Dawkins to the outside and meets him there with a dive. The Usos take control and double team Dawkins on the outside. They continue to keep Dawkins in their corner as they taunt Ford on the other side. Dawkins fights his way out and crawls over and makes the hot tag to Ford who meets Jey with a dive only to get hit with a superkick as Jey gets a two count. Jey stays in control, whipping Ford into the corner and talking trash. As the referee is distracted, Jimmy hits Ford on the ropes with the Drive-By.

The Usos stay in control, holding Ford down and going for pin attempts. As Ford tries to go for the tag, Jey superkicks Dawkins off the apron. Ford tries to fight his way back, but gets punched down on the apron when trying to springboard in. Ford comes back with a suplex to Jimmy on the apron as Dawkins gets on the apron and Ford makes the hot tag as Dawkins dives to the Usos on the outside. Dawkins takes Jimmy down with a flying elbow, a kick in the corner, and a spinning neckbreaker for a two-count. Ford tags in and they hit Jimmy with a pounce into a suplex as Ford gets a two count. Dawkins and Jey both tag in, as the Street Profits set Jey up and hit the double team Blockbuster as Dawkins only gets a two. Dawkins and Jey trade punches before Jey hits an enziguri and tags in Jimmy. Ford tags in and they try the Blockbuster again, but Jimmy breaks it up as they hit a double superkick on Ford and Jimmy only gets a two as this crowd is ecstatic. Ford knocks Jimmy and Jey both to the outside, before diving onto them. Dawkins knocks Jey down as Ford hits For the Heavens, but Jimmy breaks up the pin at the last second. All four men slowly get up and face off in the ring as the crowd cheers them on. Ford tries to fight off the Usos but hits him with a double superkick and the 1D as Jimmy gets the pin on Ford for the win.

Winners: The Usos (Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso) by pinfall at 23:01, to retain

They show a replay and commentary points out the fact that Ford’s shoulder was up and Ford notices it and starts screaming and yelling about it.

I Think I Know Him

We see an eerie looking vignette but who it’s for remains a mystery as we just see an unknown figure walking through the dark streets. You see gold medals, Hardy’s gear, Dudleys glasses and a Latino Heat license plate. All past opponents of Edge.

WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship: Ronda Rousey (c) vs. Natalya

They start the match taking each other down on the mat quickly, as Natalya puts on an ankle lock that Ronda fights her way out of and puts one on herself. Natalya takes control and keeps Ronda in the corner, but Ronda springboards her way out but gets held down quickly by Natalya. They continue going back and forth with submission attempts, before Natalya knocks Ronda down with a clothesline. Ronda comes back with clotheslines of her own, and tries to take Natalya down but ends up kneeing her in the corner, punching her and kicking her down. Ronda rolls through and tries the Piper’s Pit but Natalya counters into a roll-up for a two, as Ronda rolls her up for a two as well. Natalya tries an arm bar, but Ronda reverses and puts on a sharpshooter, but Natalya grabs the rope and breaks it up. They stand and start smacking each other, before Ronda tries the arm bar, just to get kicked to the outside as commentary says it looks like she tweaked her knee. Natalya goes right after it and puts on a sharpshooter while on the apron, as the referee is trying to break it up, but Ronda ends up rolling and smashing Natalya into the ring post. Natalya gets back inside at eight, but falls right down on the mat. Ronda goes right after her, while limping and tries the Piper’s Pit, but is unable to, instead trying the arm bar. Natalya turns it in a sharpshooter attempt, but Ronda puts on an ankle lock. Natalya tries a sharpshooter again, but Ronda traps her legs on Natalya’s neck as Natalya taps out.

Winner: Ronda Rousey by submission at 12:32, to retain

Liv Morgan’s music hits as she runs out and cashes in the Money in the Bank briefcase.


WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship: Ronda Rousey (c) vs. Liv Morgan

Liv Morgan goes right after Ronda, but Ronda traps her in the ankle lock right away. Morgan is able to fight her way out and rolls up Ronda for the pin and the win to a huge reaction from the crowd.

Winner: Liv Morgan by pinfall at 32 seconds, to become NEW WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion

Ronda hands Liv the championship and embraces as the crowd gives Morgan a great reaction.

Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Riddle vs. Seth Rollins vs. Omos vs. Madcap Moss vs. Sami Zayn vs. Sheamus vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Theory

MVP walks Omos out and then walks to the back, same with Ridge Holland who had to drag his dog, Butch, to the back. Adam Pearce comes out and adds Theory as a surprise eighth entrant. Right away Omos takes everybody down, grabbing a ladder and tossing it inside. Omos fights everybody off as he is trying to set the ladder up, but Riddle tries a choke just to get tossed down hard. Madcap Moss tries next and gets tossed to the outside, before Drew McIntyre knocks Omos to the outside with Claymore. McIntyre and Sheamus start trading blows as Theory tries to sneak his way up the ladder, just to get caught and knocked down. Sheamus and McIntyre take turns clubbing Theory in the ropes with the 10 Beats of the Bodhran before fighting with each other. Seth Rollins tosses a ladder into them on the outside, taking them down, before Riddle goes after Rollins, knocking him into a ladder with a back body drop followed by the broton. Sami Zayn, who’s been hiding the entire match runs in, knocks Riddle outside and starts climbing the ladder before getting knocked down by Moss. Riddle and Moss climb to the top of the ladder, but Omos snatches them down. Theory jumps off the top rope, but Omos catches him and chokeslams him down. Omos slowly starts to go up the ladder, but McIntyre and Moss knock him off the ladder and clothesline him to the outside where Sheamus and Riddle start attacking Omos with ladders. Everybody else joins in and buries Omos underneath a pile of ladders.

While all that is going on, Rollins climbs up a ladder, but gets joined quickly by Zayn. Sheamus and Theory join them as all four men start punching away at the top of the ladders, before Sheamus knocks Rollins and Zayn down. Theory knocks Sheamus down and starts reaching for the briefcase, but Moss knocks him down and takes him out with a fall away slam. Moss starts climbing, but notices Zayn on the top rope and climbs down to take him out with a ladder. Zayn steps over Moss and tries to climb the ladder, but Moss grabs him and power bombs him hard onto a ladder. Moss and McIntyre start climbing, but McIntyre headsbutts Moss down before getting tipped over by Sheamus who follows that with White Noise. Sheamus and Riddle go at it, with Sheamus hitting him with the Irish Curse. Riddle dodges a Brogue Kick and hits the hangman DDT to Sheamus off the ladder. Riddle fights off McIntyre, Moss and Rollins, before climbing the ladder and hitting the Floating Bro on everybody. That looked amazing. Omos emerges and starts taking everybody out of the ring. As Omos looks up the ladder, Riddle jumps on him with a sleeper hold but gets taken down. Theory tries to climb the ladder, but Omos slams him down. They all take turns on Omos, with Moss tossing Omos to the outside where they continue to work on Omos as Rollins hits a stomp to Omos on the apron. They all start clearing off the announce table and power bomb Omos through the table. Wow. They all start brawling, as Zayn runs in and starts climbing only for McIntyre to stop him. Sheamus and McIntyre go at it, with McIntyre hitting the Future Shock DDT. McIntyre starts climbing the ladder, but Butch runs out and puts on a sleeper hold as McIntyre continues to climb, but eventually they drop down where Sheamus takes McIntyre down with a knee. Sheamus pins McIntyre down and starts climbing, but McIntyre pushes the ladder back as Sheamus comes crashing down, followed by a Claymore to Butch. Sheamus and McIntyre both start climbing the ladder before Zayn pushes them both off. Zayn climbs up, but gets taken down by Moss, who then gets taken down by Rollins, before Rollins hits the curb stomp to Moss. Rollins starts climbing, but Riddle uses a ladder to take him down, sets up a taller ladder, climbs it and gets knocked down by Rollins. Rollins goes to grab the briefcase, but Riddle runs back up and hits an RKO from the top of the ladders. Riddle climbs up, but Theory meets him at the top. Theory knocks Riddle down and grabs the briefcase.

Winner: Theory at 25:30, to win the Money in the Bank