WWE Money in the Bank: MITB Ladder Matches at WWE Headquarters

They had a great idea, a golden opportunity to execute it and they wasted it completely. Even if this was a really fun match/movie/whatever, the CONSTANT CAMERA CUTS just beat the living fun out of it. HORRIBLE directing and editing. Still shots from security cameras in the halls and corridors would do wonders for this type of match (goes for the AEW ME from last week too). They had A CHOPPER, for god’s sake, and they used it for few 1 second shots.


The few skits in between the “fighting” were fine, but there was almost zero storytelling in between to fill the gas, especially in the case with the women’ part of the match.

Perhaps the biggest sin in this match, though - you’ve had two guys dropped off the top of a building without any sense of drama and a ZERO, NADA, ZILCH follow up.

Only positive from this debacle is that I was reminded to re-watch The Raid again.


PS The only thing that I’m intrigued with after this debacle is seeing Otis vs Lesnar - my dream match for around a year now.

C’mon…if you actually thought at any point in this build, that this match would have any sort of story telling, or that there would be any sort of drama around someone getting thrown off the roof, then you have no one to blame but yourself, not WWE.

All they have done in this entire build, has treat it like a joke match. The “risk is worth the reward” tag line, telling us that these guys would risk death, for a fucking briefcase or the constant messages on live tv that they are going to attempt to murder each other. How many times over the years have we seen attempted murder, treated like nothing? Guys being run over by cars or guys being thrown off structures or being buried alive and then they come back fine and dandy a month later and there is no punishment for the person committing the acts.

At this point, if you treat it as more than mindless nonsense, then its probably best to just switch it off.

Nononono - here’s where you are wrong. When I watch a televised product I do expect some quality in the storytelling, some coherence. Even with the benefit of the doubt that I am watching WWE - this was bad. Bad in the sense that any sort of storytelling was missing. Just various segments that had nothing with each other, patched together in a “story”.

And excuse me for being curious to watch this match, that had the makings of being something fun and special. This one’s on me too?

Anyway - still the biggest issue I have with WWE is the production/the way the shoot the show with the camera cuttings and such. It’s just repulsing.

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But there hasnt been any story, building up to the match, so where is this sudden expectation of wanting a story now, coming from? Infact…I’d go as far to say very few, if any MITB match has ever had any story to it. Its just a random group of guys every year, fighting over a briefcase. They come up with dumb nicknames for if they win or stupid taglines for the match, but no actual stories. We’re lucky if we even get guys telling us why they want to win and what this means to them.

Wrestlers wearing their gear, especially trunks, in an office building look like geeks to me. How about some jeans?

Biggest takeaway: The booking/logical gymnastics coming for Otis to cash in on Mandy’s behalf are going to be spectacular.

Did Corbin murder two people? I thought the match would have commentary. I so wish they tried to make it a little serious. That’s why the boneyard match worked, it was over the top but AJ and Taker committed.

Or conflict between Mandy and Tucker? Mandy wanting him to cash in for her or as a singles competitor and Tucker wanting him to cash in for the Tag Titles.

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Good call. I forgot Tucker existed.

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Wait? Corbin killed 2 guys? And then they continued with the match? Even in kayfabe, that is hard to swallow.
You can’t tell me that comedy acts are ruining the industry when you just had 2 murders in a match, that then continued on like nothing happened.

You can tell a good story inside the match, something that will hold it together. Hell, a good wrestling match is a good wrestling match when the wrestlers tell a story inside said match. Not ripped and patched random segments here and there. Also, they had 4 WEEKS to edit this! I guess most of this time went to cut it in 10 billion cuts, so you can have a different view angle once every half a second…

If it helps, I don’t think anyone who hates “comedy wrestling” liked that match.


Yup the comedy acts “kill” wrestling because it breaks immersion. So does killing guys. But was there anyone with that line of thinking that was saying “AEW has stupid comedy guys, but WWE, now there is a company doing things right!”

I watched the PPV last night, and I went in dreading it. When it was done at 9:24, I was ecstatic!

I actually liked the main event, 10 times more entertaining IMO then watching another empty arena match. There were aspects of it I didnt care for (ie. throwing guys off the roof), but overall I found the match entertaining. So often I find myself drifting away when watching WWE empty arena matches, but for this match I was engaged the entire time.

Agreed that was stupid, but you did hear a “bang” noise a second after they fell. Within the context of the story, it almost feels that they are going to play it off as if there was a platform or something.

Who am I kidding, they will probably ignore and come out on Raw tonight lol.

I’ve always hated this kind of thing. I didnt like it when HHH fell 50 feet in a car to the ground, I didnt like it when the Giant fell off Cobo Hall, and I didnt care for this fall. When you watch wrestling you suspend your belief, when things go too far its hard to do that.

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They are with Geese now…

I’m probably wrong but could the reason King Corbin and Asuka started fighting on the ladder was that they were going to grab the wrong briefcase