WWE Network Additions Thread

I thought I would keep track of any additions added to the network, I won’t bother adding PPV’s, Takeovers and weekly shows(Raw, Smackdown, NXT etc) but I will add the older shows and original specials.

Added today

The War To Settle The Score
February 18th 1985

Rick McGraw vs Moondog Spot

Jose Louis Rivera vs Johnny Rodz

Rene Goulet vs Hillbilly Jim

WWF Women’s Championship

Wendi Richter© vs Leilani Kai

David Sammartino vs Moondog Rex

Nikolai Volkoff vs Swede Hanson

Bob Orton vs Jimmy Snuka

Paul Orndorff vs Tony Atlas

WWF Tag Team Championship

The U.S Express© vs The Spoiler & The Assasin

Salvatore Bellomo vs Don Muraco

WWF Championship

Hulk Hogan vs Roddy Piper

The Brawl To End It All
July 23rd 1984

Ron Shaw vs Sika

The Iron Sheik vs Tony Garea

WWF Intercontinental Championship

Tito Santana© vs Bob Orton

Paul Caxton vs Bob Backlund

WWF Championship

Hulk Hogan© vs Greg Valentine

WWF Martial Arts Championship

Antonio Inoki© vs Charlie Fulton

WWF Tag Team Championship

Adrian Adonis & Trevor Murdoch© vs Sgt Slaughter & Terry Daniels

WWF Women’s Championship

The Fabulous Moolah© vs Wendi Richter


WWENetworkBot’s twitter account is a great tool for keeping track of what has been added recently:


The two events in the opening post have been removed for some reason but two old house shows have been added to the Old School section

Boston Garden
February 8th 1986

Paul Christy vs Leaping Lanny Poffo

Barry O vs Siva Avi

Tiger Chung Lee vs George Steele

Big John Studd vs Hillbilly Jim

WWF Intercontinental Championship

Tito Santana vs Randy Savage

The Hart Foundation vs The Killer Bees

Don Muraco vs Ricky Steamboat

Steel Cage

Roddy Piper vs Bruno Sammartino

Madison Square Garden
August 29th 1977

Stan Stasiak vs Peter Maivia

Tony Gareth & Larry Zbyzsko vs George Steele & Baron Mikel Scicluna

WWWF Championship

Billy Graham© vs Ivan Putski

Nikolai Volkoff vs Verne Gagne

Ken Patera vs Bruno Sammartino

Mr Fuji vs Chief Jay Strongbow

Also on Monday following Raw there’s a new Table For 3 with Carmella, Mandy Rose & Torrie Wilson and next Saturday there’s an episode of Chronicle with Sasha Banks.


Very good site to follow :slight_smile:

Added now is WCW All Nighter From 1995 which was an all night marathon what aired.

WCW United States Championship

Steve Austin© vs Ricky Steamboat

WCW Championship

Vader© vs Dave Boy Smith

The Gladiators vs The Millay Brothers

WCW Championship
Steel Cage

Hulk Hogan© vs Ric Flair

Brian Pillman vs Steve Austin

WCW Tag Team Championship

The Enforcers© vs Dustin Rhodes & Ricky Steamboat

Ric Flair & Barry Windham vs Eddie Gilbert & Mr X

Ric Flair vs Ricky Steamboat

NWA Tag Team Championhip

Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard© vs Sting & Dusty Rhodes

The Road Warriors vs The Steiner Brothers

NWA Championship
I Quit Match

Ric Flair© vs Terry Funk

WCW Championship

Lex Luger© vs Sting

NWA Championship

Ric Flair© vs Sting

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I loved the WCW all nighters. I would try to stay up all night to watch along but would usually pass out by 1:00 am (pacific) and would have the VCR running to catch up on what I missed. For somebody like me that didn’t see any NWA/WCW until late ‘92 , it was my first chance to see a lot of the classic matches from before that time.

Great thread but also this is another great site that list things they also include the hyper link that send you to the network for each video

As well as the Sasha Banks Chronicle they have also put NXT:Secret To Sensastion on the Network.