WWE Network Issues

So, when I log into the WWE network thru WWE.com, it works fine. But when I try to log in thru the app, I’m getting “live external id not found” and then the log in button vanishes, never to be seen again unless I reinstall the app and then the same thing happens.

Is this happening to anyone else? What does it mean?

Not a helpful answer, but I assume it has to do with the updated platform and will be fixed soon enough. Mine is doing the same thing (Amazon Firestick) even though I don’t seem to have the option to upgrade the version I have installed yet.

I can’t use the app since the update. I have a WWE account but I’m in Canada so only get access through my cable provider. So the app recognizes my account but won’t send me to my providers page like it used to. I can only access the network on a browser now. So the app looks prettier but is essentially useless to me. I contacted customer service and they were useless too. It’s gonna need many patches soon. They rushed this. That’s abundantly clear if you read the awesome article on the post wrestling site regarding accessibility issues with the network.

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Rob I had the same issue, can’t connect to it on my mobile device, but it works fine on computer

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I can watch 205 live the audio sync is out to a huge extent,plus i keep getting signed out.

Glad I just have the network from cable…this internet shit sounds like a nightmare.

The new site has a bunch of problems. I’m currently having audio-sync problems with the latest episode of 205 Live.

Meh. It’s great when it works right.

Well when we’re all watching Survivor Series 89 on a random Wednesday and you’re stuck with the latest episode of Ride Along, we’ll see who has the last laugh!

I don’t like watching old stuff…it might ruin my memory of the times.

I primarily watch the Network with my Roku box, and I recently tried watching it on my recently acquired Fire Stick (which I primarily dedicate to watching New Japan World and B/R Live). I noticed the audio sync issue on the Fire Stick, but no problems like that on the Roku.

Meanwhile, as of now it is taking a little longer to load, and there’s still stuff from the previous iteration of the Network that is missing (watchlists, Collections, the Hidden Gems section, etc.). Kind of reminds me of when the Network first rolled out.

Anyone in Canada have any luck signing in with their Bell or Rogers info using the app?

I’m with Telus and haven’t been able to sign into the app either (this was also the case for a few weeks before the update). I can sign in via a browser though.

Just received a reply from WWE Network tech support basically saying that there is issues logging onto the WWE app. They said the problems would be resolved but no timeline was given. In the meantime they said to continue watching on a web browser until issues are resolved.