WWE Network Random Match Watch

I have found a match generator for the WWE Network and what I plan on doing is watching one match a day what the generator gives me and giving a brief summary of the match.


Day 1 - Eddie Guerrero vs Bubba Ray Dudley
Day 2 - Kaitlyn vs Naomi
Day 3 - Bret Hart vs The Dynamite Kid
Day 4 - The Midnight Express vs Barry Windham & Ron Garvin
Day 5 - Juventud Guerrera vs Kidman
Day 6 - Rey Mysterio vs William Regal
Day 7 - Lince Dorado vs Aiyra Daivari
Day 8 - The Barbarian & Meng vs Fit Finlay & Dave Taylor.
Day 9 - Kalisto vs Viktor
Day 10 - Justin Credible & Rhino vs Tommy Dreamer & The Sandman
Day 11 - Crash Holly vs Viscera
Day 12 - The Iron Sheik vs Roddy Piper
Day 13 - Rick Martel vs Mr Perfect
Day 14 - Brock Lesnar vs Booker T
Day 15 - Brodus Clay vs The Big Show
Day 16 - The New Age Outlaws vs The APA
Day 17 - Carmella vs Peyton Royce
Day 18 - Rockabilly vs Jesse James
Day 19 - Triple H vs The Sporit Squad
Day 20 - Rick Rude vs Koko B. Ware
Day 21 - Terry Funk vs Eddie Guerrero
Day 22 - Grandmaster Sexay, Steve Blackman & Trish Stratus vs The Right To Censor
Day 23 - Sasha Banks & Becky Lynch vs Charlotte & Natalya


Day 1

Eddie Guerrero vs Bubba Ray Dudley


April 29 2004

This is from Kurt Angles brief and forgettable run as Smackdown GM where he was attempting to stack the odds against his enemies including them WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero.

Before the match we get an anti immigration video feature by number one contender JBL.

Kurt Angle is in a wheelchair at ringside(the commentators mention he won’t wrestle again) accompined by Luther Reigns.

Before the match we see D-Von getting a win over Eddie from the week before with help from Bubba, D-Von & Heyman are both in Bubba’s corner for the match.

The match is a nice ten minute TV match with both guys hitting the majority of their trademark spots, the finish came when the Dudleys went for the doomsday device while Heyman distracted the referee and Guerrero rolled Bubba up while D-Von missed the clothesline and Eddie got the three count.

After the match The Dudleys double team Eddie before RVD makes the save and they both hit a frog splash.


This is a cool idea! If you could pick up steam with this I’d be all for it. Good write up by the way!

Love form Sweden


I love this idea and your write up. It’s the kind of thing I’d love to do myself.

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Day 2

Naomi vs Kaitlyn


December 1 2010

Before the match the two girls have a terrible face to face promo which isn’t quite as bad as heel Michael Cole & Josh Matthews on commentary.

The match itself was terrible with both girls being far too green for television, Kaitlyn got the pin with a roll up to not just win the match but also the series, her tutor Vickie Guerrero then got on the mic and said nobody cared and introduced Dolph Ziggler who introduced Jacob Novak for the next season.


Can you follow a thread?

Love this concept. There’s so much random gold on the network. Didn’t realise the women’s NXT was on there.

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Day 3

Bret Hart vs The Dynamite Kid

Prime Time Wrestling

April 27 1987

Now this is what I’m talking about, two greats in a one on one match.

Gorilla Monsoon & Lord Alfred Hayes are on commentary & scumbag Mel Phillips is the ring announcer, pre pink Bret is in blue & black and Billington gets a Scott Putski award.

Lots of stalling early by Bret early on but once it gets going the match is really good especially considering the state of Dynamite’s back at the time and the crowd are really into it.

Dynamite gets s roll up pin fall pretty much out of nowhere to get the victory, after the match Neidhart comes in for a two on one before Dave Boy makes the save.

Great thread, the WWE Network should be doing something like this on their Twitter account with a daily match watch with some added context etc.


I love this idea. Nice one.

Might give that randomiser a spin myself. I’ll blame you when I end up watching a naked mideon match.

HDay 4

The Midnight Express vs Ron Garvin & Barry Windham

NWA Championship Wrestling

May 16 1987

My first non WWE match & it’s for the NWA US Tag Team Championship, Teddy Long is the referee, it’s the Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane version of The Midnight Express managed by Jim Cornette.

This is a really enjoyable tag match, The Midnights control the first part of the match making fast tags & double teaming Garvin before Ron makes the hot tag, The always fantastic Windham then takes control until he misses a double axe handle of the top and The ME then go back in control with double team moves on Barry.

Windham eventually makes the hot tag and Garvin starts to clean house with Long going down, Cornette hits Windham with his racket and also accidentally hits Lane too,

Garvin eventually gets hit by a chair by Lane as Long gets up and counts the pin fall by Eaton on Garvin.

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This is a fantastic post. Most people would say that the attitude era was there golden era, but to me the mid to late 80’s was my favorite time period. This match with the Midnights vs Ron Garvin and Barry Windhame is a good example of this time period. When you have a match like this on TV, it was a treat, as you had mainly squash matches. This would be a type of match you would had to go to the arena to see. I used to be glue to my TV back then for these special matches. Loved the NWA.

Day 5

Juventud Guerrera vs Kidman

Monday Nitro

April 27 1998

My first match from WCW and going into it I’m happy it’s the cruiserweights.

Before the match there’s a small feature on newly unmasked Juventud, This is The Flock version of Kidman.

This is a pretty exciting match for the time given and this is one of the few CW matches from Nitro from this era where the commentators actually talk about the match, the finish comes when Juvi gets the pin after a juvi driver & a 450 splash, the flick destroy Guerrera after the match.


Day 6

Rey Mysterio vs William Regal


March 23 2009

This is the go home show for Wrestlemania 25 and JBL accompanies Regal(managed by Layla) to ringside in his limo and is doing commentary.

JBL is constantly insulting Rey on commentary, this is a unique battle of styles and given time they could have had a good match, unfortunately it only lasted a few minutes and Mysterio got the pin with a 619 & top rope splash, after the match JBL sarcastically claps Rey at ringside only to receive a kick to the face through the ropes.


Day 7

Lince Dorado vs Ariya Daivari

205 Live

December 20 2016

Just a week in and I’m already watching a 205 match, the original 205 Live announce team of Mauro Randall’s, Austin Aries & Corey Graves are commentating on this match from Detroit.

This match is a few weeks into Daivari’s feud with Jack Gallagher, Dorado doesn’t do much & Daivari is probably the weakest wrestler on the 205 roster so this match isn’t very good.

Daivari get the pin with a frog splash.

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I’ll enjoy the stills you’re grabbing from each match!

Day 8

Meng & The Barbarian vs Fit Finlay & Dave Taylor

Monday Nitro

January 25 1999

I’m a fan of the Meng & Barbarian tag team, especially their short time as a team in the WWF, the match with The Rockers at Wrestlemania VII is really underrated, Finlay & Taylor can be great.

Ric Flair had sent several low card wrestlers to surround the ring to stop The nWo interfearing, this is also a first found tournament match to find new tag team champions.

This is a good short match with all four guys being pretty stiff, the finish comes when Meng backbody drops Taylor into a power bomb from The Barbarian while Finlay was distracted by Jimmy Hart.

Day 9

Kalisto vs Viktor

Main Event

July 20 2016

This is probably the least I’ve looked forward to a match so far and I was right to think that.

This was the week of the draft & Kalisto has gone solo after teaming with Sin Cara, Kalisto does his best to get a good match out of Viktor but the match is poor but thankfully short, Kalisto gets the pin when he reverses a powerbomb into a huricurana.

Hopefully I get something better tomorrow.

Day 10

Justin Credible & Rhino vs Tommy Dreamer & The Sandman

ECW Wrestling

June 9 2000

The tenth day and I get my first ECW match, this is in the later day on TNN as Joey Styles says we are on The Redneck Network and Cyrus accompined Rhino as the network representative.

Rhino is the ECW Television Champion and Justin Credible(who is with Francine) is the ECW World Champion, Sandman brings a ladder with him.

This is a wild brawl as Tommy & Rhino fight through the crowd as both Credible & Sandman dude the ladder against each other. All four end up back in the ring as Sandman hits an heinekenrana of the top rope while Dreamer sets Justin for a superplex but Steve Corina come in and superkicks Sandman and crotches Dreamer on the ladder(which is set up on the second rope), Tajiri then comes down to even the odds before Scotty Anton makes it 4 on 3 to the heels before RVD makes the save, Rob hits a Van Daminator on Rhino followed by a Five Star Frog Splash and Sandman gets the pin.

After the match the heels beat the crap out of the faces.

Day 11

Crash Holly vs Viscera


March 6 2000

This is for Crash’s Hardcore Championship, this is a typical hardcore match from the era where they hit each other with anything they can find, they end up going back to the dressing room area and end up in the APA office which is set up in catering which disturbs Bradshaw & Faaroos card game so the APA attack Viscera enabling Crash to get the pin.

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