WWE Network to air Bret Hart vs. Tom Magee match and documentary

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2019/05/10/wwe-network-to-air-bret-hart-vs-tom-magee-match-and-documentary/

The WWE Network will present “The Holy Grail: The Search for WWE’s Most Infamous Lost Match” this Monday night following Raw.

The lost match between Bret Hart and Tom Magee from October 7, 1986, was recently uncovered by Mary-Kate Anthony, who had a copy of the tape when Hart’s matches were converted to DVD and Anthony transferred them.

The WWE was able to get a hold of the match, which was not in their archives with the legend of the match growing over the past decade. Dave Meltzer had a copy of the match and has spoken about Hart’s performance in making Magee look like a superstar to the point that the company was convinced they had found the successor to Hulk Hogan. In time, it would become a spotlight on how great Hart was at disguising Magee’s limitations, which were ultimately exposed, and he never rose to any prominence within the industry.

Hart and Magee are booked for a panel discussion at Starrcast II to discuss the match in Las Vegas later this month.


Replace the third hour of Raw with this on USA instead. The ratings would go up.

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I’ve got this feeling that this match has been hyped up that it can not reach those expectations.

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Its Bret Hart dude. His matches always exceeds expectations.

They are so afraid of anything AEW/Starcast

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and this is the only reason they are releasing it

I’ll be honest and say I’ve never heard of Tom Magee or this match. Sounds like something from way before my time.


They started the process to get the video back before Starrcast announced the panel.

I agree can someone explain who this dude is and why is this a big deal? Bret Hart was a lowly tag wrestler back then wasn’t he?

Yeah, if Starrcast wasnt releasing this, they would not be doing this

Agreed. Smart move by WWE.

I’m not sure how to watch this match. Expecting a masterpiece would be setting me up for disappointment. Bret’s upcoming commentary, will add the needed context to appreciate this.

I’d recommend everybody unfamiliar to give this a listen…

A great short audio doc by Colt Cabana on the match and McGee.


If Magee is as awful as he sounds anything above 1 star will be great.Better than a Corbin match at least

WWE gave Conrad permission to air it. If it’s their content and they have a platform that can push it as quickly and as hard as they want, why shouldn’t they do that? Are WWE obligated to wait for Conrad or is it the purpose of a business to strike when the iron is hot?

Who is this Tom guy?

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I watched this a while ago. It’s half-decent for what it is considering it’s a short documentary about an obscure match it was pretty good.

Legit question…

Does the match live up to the hype? Getting ready to listen to John & Wai’s review now, but a lot of the Hart-Magee fervor online has felt a bit similar to “Snyder Cut-A-Mania” that springs up from time to time on the interwebs.

Like I’m sure I’ll dig the documentary b/c The Fed knows how to produce those things…But I feel like the match has been hyped up bigger than the fabled Sting-UT match that never was.

Also…Brother Magee’s got nothing on the Simpson boys that used to wrestle in WCCW. Maybe one of my favorite tag-teams of all time! :100: