WWE nixed MLW/Tubi deal

Interesting report. If WWE considers MLW competition and bullies them out of a deal, just imagine what they think about AEW. Just the fact that Khan got Vince to blow his load on this extra half hour for Friday, and hot shot what little fresh content they have is proof that WWE is in panic mode.

Kind of stupid. I’m surprised Vince even knows what MLW is bc I didn’t before I read that

Court Bauer used to work there. I’m sure he pops up a keyword search somewhere in Connecticut

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In 2003, MLW had a very limited TV deal that saw them on Monday nights. I forget what the move was, but WWE definitely targeted them and tried to hinder them back then. Of course they’d do the same now.

Seems like missing Forrest for trees. Companies like MLW and GCW if anything are more likely to taking audience from AEW if anything.

He had a chance to sign Jericho and basically didn’t and let him go to AEW. He let Cody go bc he couldn’t see beyond Stardust. If either of those things are rolled back this is a very different situation.

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I believe this was it… They wouldn’t let Lawler work for MLW - because MLW had a Florida-based cable slot (Sunshine) on Mondays at 11pm.

The funny part is they use FOX to promote “ppv” on an NBC property, but FOX apparently can’t do anything similar. Fun company to do business with


I keep making this point when Nick Kahn spews off about Streaming as a potential rights suitor…Netflix, Amazon, Apple TV would be making some kind of statement by acquiring rights to then promote “premium” events on their competitors service. Could they be in the running for some form of rights on a delay like Hulu had for years, sure…but who is paying top dollar for Raw/Smackdown only to promote competitors as the destination for “specials”, and if they demean the “specials” then why would NBCU pay-up for the Network…incredible streaming dilemma

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