WWE/NJPW Talent Exchange?

I remember seeing the NJPW Long Beach show where Mysterio was supposed to wrestle but couldn’t because of injury and said to the crowd that he still wants to wrestle a match for NJPW. If WWE end up signing Rey to a new full-time deal, do you think they would consider a talent exchange with NJPW so both companies can put on special one-off matches?

NJPW get: Rey Mysterio to wrestle Marty Scurll

WWE get: Hiroshi Tanahashi to wrestle John Cena

If there were to ever be a WWE/NJPW one off, which match would you love to see?

I remember doing this list once last fall. Here’s what I’d like now

Tanahashi Cena
Okada Roman
Omega AJ
Young Bucks Usos

I don’t know who I’d put Naito or Suzuki with.

Maybe Ishii and Joe. And I think Finn (with Gallows and Anderson) v Cody (with Scurll and Hangman) could be a fun bullet club story on Being the Elite.

I’d love to see Sami Zayn vs Naito and Cesaro vs Suzuki. And also Daniel Bryan vs Naito/Suzuki or, and now would never happen, Shibata.

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