WWE performer receiving an alteration to his name

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2020/02/07/wwe-performer-receiving-an-alteration-to-his-name/

In the middle of his run as one-half of the Raw tag champions, Buddy Murphy will now be promoted as just ‘Murphy’.

POST Wrestling learned of the alteration through several sources in the company that were notified of the change moving forward.

Murphy, real name Matthew Adams, has been wrestling as Buddy Murphy since entering NXT in 2013 where he won the tag titles with Wesley Blake. In 2018, Murphy was brought up to 205 Live where he became Cruiserweight champion.

Last year, he was drafted to Raw and has been part of Seth Rollins’ faction alongside AOP. Murphy and Rollins recently won the Raw tag titles from the Viking Raiders.

His WWE profile was updated to reflect the change.

Not that I’m bothered by this but what in the world is with this obsession that WWE has with shortening everyone’s name?

So bizarre.

What do they think this achieves? Why do they keep doing this? All this does is give the wrestler a more basic name which makes them feel less unique.

Why? Do normal people talk like this? Can you imagine Michael Jordan only being referred to as “His Royal Airness” Jordan… it would get old fast. But, that’s what wrestling fans get.

They just need to call Gunner up

Don’t be making jokes, @TheBenjamin or you’ll find yourself with a new name… @The


I guess “Buddy” just sounds too friendly of a name for a heel. #vinceisms

At least it wasn’t change to “Little Buddy” prepping him for his tag team with Shorty G

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Yeah, this is the reason your performers and product isn’t over. :roll_eyes:

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Give him a month, he will be called Mur.

And they will have a crappy nickname to force in at every possible moment. “It’s Seth’s disciple Murphy!” After every spot.
God, can they just talk like people?

The long term plan is this,Velveteen dream is brought up to Raw under his real name of Patrick Clark,he then has it shortened to Paddy and forms a tag team with Murphy.Around the same time Cesaro and Sheamus reunite.
This all comes to a conclusion at Summerslam when, wait for it,

Paddy and Murphy walk up to The Bar

I don’t think Canadian listeners will understand this 80s borderline racist joke reference

I found it clever though

As someone of Irish descent I got it. Not sure how funny it was but I got it

It wasnt funny in any way. But mildly clever

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