WWE posts $14.8 million profit for the first quarter of 2018, updated WWE Network numbers

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The WWE reported their first-quarter earnings on Thursday covering January – March. The company posted a profit of $14.8 million for the quarter off of revenue of $187.7 million as compared to a profit in Q1 of 2017 of $900,000 from revenue of $188.4 million. Last year’s minimal profit was due to a series of corporate expenses that ate away at the profit margin, including $5.6 million in legal expenses and $2.1 million in film impairment charges.

The company is now dividing their reporting into three major categories consisting of Media, Live Events, and Consumer Products.

The media section, which includes the WWE Network, existing pay-per-view revenue and their television rights fees totaled $133.4 million in revenue. Television rights fees saw a sizable increase from $59.2 million in the same quarter in 2017 and grew to $65.5 million for this year. In addition to their core programming, this past quarter also featured the Mixed Match Challenge series on Facebook Watch.

The WWE Network had 1,681,000 total subscribers worldwide that breaks down to 1,232,000 in the United States and 449,000 international subscribers. The worldwide paid total is 1,624,000 with 57,000 free subscriptions (which jumped dramatically in the first week of April to 316,000 for WrestleMania). On the day after WrestleMania 34, there were 2,124,000 total subscribers with 1,808,000 paid. The paid number on the day after WrestleMania would also include people that were paying for the network on one of the many discount promotions that were being offered from January through WrestleMania.

The company is forecasting an average paid subscriber number of 1,770,000 for the second-quarter of 2018, which is the WrestleMania quarter.

Live Events were down for the quarter despite more events. With 99 events taking place this quarter, they posted revenue of $30.8 million, which is down from $32.1 million in 2017, which featured 95 events (four of which took place internationally compared to zero international shows this past quarter). One of the key differences in 2017 was that the Royal Rumble was held at the Alamodome whereas this year’s Rumble was at the smaller Wells Fargo Arena in Philadelphia.

It’s also worth noting that due to the timing of WrestleMania last year on April 2nd, 2017, events such as Axxess and the WWE Hall of Fame would have taken place in Q1 of 2017, while NXT Takeover and WrestleMania would be in Q2. This year, the WrestleMania events are all part of the Q2 filings.

Consumer Products were down from $35.l million in revenue to $23.5 million with the implementation of ASC Topic 606, an accounting change that led to the company seeing a reduction in $9.7 million in revenue in this segment and a reduction of $10.3 million overall for the quarter.

News of today’s report led to the WWE stock moving upward and closing at $41.39.

WWE’s stock price is insane. So much for the Roman Reigns era being a down period. Why would WWE change anything?

With Vince owning about 8.5M shares, he has about $350M in shares which is DOUBLE the worth of the stocks a year ago. In reality I know that the actual on-screen product and booking decisions have a very limited impact on the stock price. Instead it seems like the price is being inflated by the high expectations of their next TV deal.

If you run a chart of the S&P against WWE Last three months you’ll really see how well the street thinks WWE is positioned. Up 20% when the market is in the red.

It’s funny that for all the questionable booking that takes place and fans hatred of certain directions they are taking guys , the company is thriving. If they do strike a deal with Fox and it’s at a significant increase to their current contract - in this market of TV Rights - it will be a huge coup and the stock may very well double again.

That’s the problem. Booking wise nothing has changed, in fact it’s getting worse in some areas. The problem is people keep watching and keep paying. It’s because of this that they’re so untouchable and anything you have a problem with won’t mean anything to them because they know you’ll be watching and tweeting and paying for it.

Even with someone as average/mediocre as Roman Reigns, they can push that narrative because nothing is going to change. Unless people stop. But we know that won’t happen.

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