WWE Raw drops to its lowest 18-49 figure on record

Originally published at WWE Raw drops to its lowest 18-49 figure on record

WWE Raw hits its lowest 18-49 figure on record with Monday’s episode from Memphis, Tennessee.

Viewership data was delayed until Wednesday morning with the numbers coming in and revealing that Monday’s episode of Raw averaged 1.6 million viewers and approximately 462,000 (0.35) in the 18-49 demographic, per Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics and Showbuzz Daily.

The 18-49 figure would be the lowest on the record of the available data for WWE Raw and breaking the previous low mark of 510,000 (0.39) set on October 18th of this year.

The show finished #8 among cable originals with a drop of 4.5 percent in viewership and a 22 percent decline among 18-49.

The show went against the second-highest Monday Night Football game of the season with an average of 13,279,000 (3.93 in 18-49) watching the New England Patriots vs. Buffalo Bills.

The story of Raw is that despite several big matches advertised and an appearance by Edge, the show started off poorly and then declined.

The first hour averaged 1,669,000 but only 0.38 in 18-49 (a very low demo figure for the first hour). The show fell to 1,636,000 (0.35) in the second hour and another drop to 1,494,000 (0.33) in the final hour featuring the Raw Women’s Championship match between Becky Lynch and Liv Morgan in the main event slot.

Raw opened with the steel cage match between Big E. and Kevin Owens, which was advertised in advance.

Female viewership was the source of the major decline with females 18-49 down by 33 percent from last week (249,000 to 167,000) and then dropping 14 percent throughout the episode.

Males 18-49 declined 14 percent from last week.

Adults 18-34 declined 32 percent this week with females in that demo decreasing from 88,000 to 45,000 this week, per Brandon Thurston.

In the 12-34 demo, females were down by 45 percent this week while males decreased by 20 percent.

The only demo to increase this week was 50+, which was up 4.5 percent but decline 9.5 percent throughout the three hours.

The largest losses from hour one to hour three were females 12-34 (33 percent) and adults 18-34 (32 percent). Males 18-49 held up the most, only declining 8 percent throughout Raw.

In Canada, WWE Raw finished with 176,900 viewers and 75,900 in the 15-54 demographic on Sportsnet 360. They were up in both categories from last week’s figures of 144,500 and 67,000 respectively.

When I saw the report my first thought was what is Below Deck? And there’s no way they’re getting the same money as WWE so why do networks want a RAW instead of just some useless reality show that I’m not sure most people have even heard of?

The right fees are confusing to me. Like I totally get why NHL and UFC are being over paid because it’s prestigious for the net fire. Is WWE really that prestigious? Like if you can get some stupid reality show to draw the same rating why don’t you just do that for a fraction of the cost?