WWE Raw experiences a minor drop with NFL down 19%

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2019/12/10/wwe-raw-experiences-a-minor-drop-with-nfl-down-19/

WWE Raw stayed consistent this week with a minor drop of 2.7% in overall viewers while going against the usual competition from Monday Night Football.

There was good and bad to the opening hour that averaged 2,255,000 viewers. The good news was that there was a much smaller drop from the first to the third hour, but that’s also due in part to fewer people tuning into the opening hour.

The first hour was down 7% from last week and dropped 11.5% from the first to the third hour. The rest of the show averaged 2,201,000 in the second hour and 1,995,000 in the final hour where Rey Mysterio retained the United States title over AJ Styles in the main event segment.

The overall viewership average was 2,150,000 viewers, which is their second-best performance since October 21st and trails last week’s figure of 2,208,000.

The Monday Night Football game between the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles did 11,360,000 viewers on ESPN. It was down 19% from last week’s season-high on Monday night this year. For whatever reason, the drop in NFL viewers didn’t appear to help WWE’s viewership.

For the night, Raw did a 0.69 in the 18-49 demo, which was unchanged from last week’s figure. That demo did fall 16% from the first to the third hour.

The only notable drop from last week was among females 12-34 which fell 14% with the other demos only fall 2-3% and stayed even among adults and males 18-49.

From the first to the third hour, the largest drop came with adults 18-34 with 20% tuning out followed by 18% for males 18-49 and 17% for people 25-54. Overall, there was less tune out from hour one to three than last week, so while this week’s audience was less it did a better job of retention with the smaller figure tuning in for the first hour.

Here is a breakdown of all the key demos with comparisons to last week and the hour one to hour three fluctuations:

PEOPLE 18-49
Last week: Even
Hour 1-3: -16%

Last week: -2%
Hour 1-3:

MALES 18-49

Last week: Even
Hour 1-3:

PEOPLE 18-34
Last week: -4%
Hour 1-3: -20%

Last week:
Hour 1-3:

MALES 12-34

Last week: -2%
Hour 1-3:

PEOPLE 25-54
Last week: -2%
Hour 1-3:

Last week: -3%
Hour 1-3: