WWE Raw falls to its lowest viewership of 2019, key demo down 13%

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WWE Raw saw no increase coming off the TLC pay-per-view as the show hit its lowest figure of 2019 while managing to remain above an average of two million viewers.

The three-hour episode of Raw did 2,054,000 viewers on the USA Network, falling 4.5% from last week and replacing the November 11th taped episode from England for the lowest of the year.

You would have to go back to last year’s episodes on Christmas and New Year’s Eve as the only episodes to do a lower viewership in recent years.

The first hour only averaged 2,204,000, which is also their lowest opening hour of 2019. It fell 5% in the second hour to 2,099,000 viewers and then dropped another 11.5% in the final hour to 1,858,000 viewers. The final hour was the fourth-lowest third hour of 2019.

The Monday Night Football game between the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints averaged 11,057,000 that was down 2.5% from last week’s game.

In the demos, the 18-49 category was down 13% with Monday’s episode doing a 0.60. The major drop from last week was seen among males 18-49, which was down 20%. However, females 12-34 was up a huge amount with an increase of 32% this week, although that demo fell 27% from the first to the third hour during the show. Females 18-49 and people over 50 were up by a small amount.

In comparing how the numbers held up throughout the show, the largest loss was among females 12-34 which fell 27% from hour one to hour three, followed by males 18-49 dropping 23.5%, people 18-49 falling 22%, and males 12-34 falling 22%. The top retention was among those over 50 with only fell 8% from the first to the third hour.

Next week’s episode of Raw has a tough task as it’s a taped show from a week prior and goes against a Monday Night Football game between the Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers, which should be a big game.

Here is the breakdown of the key demos from the data on Showbuzz Daily with comparisons to last week and how the ratings fluctuated between the first and third hours:

PEOPLE 18-49: 0.60
Last week: -13%
Hour 1-3: -22%

FEMALES 18-49: 0.45
Last week: +2%
Hour 1-3: -20%

MALES 18-49: 0.75
Last week: -20%
Hour 1-3: -23.5%

PEOPLE 18-34: 0.42
Last week: -2%
Hour 1-3: -24%

FEMALES 12-34: 0.33
Last week: +32%
Hour 1-3: -27%

MALES 12-34: 0.49
Last week: -9%
Hour 1-3: -22%

PEOPLE 25-54: 0.72
Last week: -11%
Hour 1-3: -21%

PEOPLE 50+: 0.96
Last week: +3%
Hour 1-3: -8%

They are reaping what they have sowed, they had plenty of warnings that there is dissatisfaction with the product, yet they disregarded them.

TBH, they are getting what they deserve.

The best thing that could happen to Raw is if AEW decide to move to Monday nights, then the WWE product will drastically improve.

Wonder if USA Network will be having a word soon

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Nah, Raw is still almost double the average ratings on USA. In general the whole of WWE lacks stars though so they cannot air things that draw ratings.

The demo is still more than AEW and NXT combined lol.

And the show is utter trash. So many low expectation mofos watching this crap

ITS HABITUAL! I mean I turn it on Monday’s in the background and then hear about segments I didn’t even realize happened in the morning. It is just habit at this point.
How many viewers could answer a 10 question quiz about the show the day after and get more than 7 correct

Regarding that stupid Lashley/Lana/Rusev angle: I feel (totally my opinion) that it’s Rusev who is over, not this angle. Honestly, he can get anything over at this point. Why they haven’t ran with him is beyond me

One of the worst things about this whole situation is that next week is a taped show airing on December 23rd. Meaning WWE and USA will get to “write off” the presumably garbage rating instead of feeling the true impact of how their product is negatively affecting things. Instead, they just get to ride out the storm and hope for the typical the Rumble > Mania bump.

You mentioned this on RAD but thought I’d comment here. Roman, Charlotte and Becky in a PPV should be enough, as well as your top seller Bray Wyatt. Also wanna point something out Mike Sempervive has been saying on Wrestling Observer Live for a year. 18-49 Raw is getting killed by Love and Hip Hop the 8pm Raw and 9pm sandwich 3 episodes of it, does this mean Raw fans are switching over to see what’s going on in the love life of Joe Budden perhaps but that audience is doing something else on Monday nights and when that show comes back they all unite.

Meltzer is using DVR for AEW now…no spin for this?