WWE Raw falls to its second-lowest figure of 2019

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2019/11/26/wwe-raw-falls-to-its-second-lowest-figure-of-2019/

The post-Survivor Series edition of WWE Raw saw no increase coming off the pay-per-view as the show did one of its lowest audiences in history.

Monday’s three-hour episode averaged 2,109,000 viewers with the only episodes in recent years to fall below that figure being the taped November 11th show from England two weeks ago (2,057,000), and last year’s Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve shows (1,775,000 and 1,968,000 respectively). In total viewers, Raw was nearly identical with last week’s figure of 2,127,000.

One of the patterns to emerge over the past weeks has been a lower number of viewers tuning in for the first hour that drags down the overall average. This week, the show began with 2,241,000 viewers and nearly identical to last week’s first hour. The second hour only dropped 2%, so while it wasn’t a high number in the first hour, those that tuned in stuck around for the first two hours.

The show fell 13% in the third hour to 1,896,000.

The Monday Night Football game between the Baltimore Ravens and L.A. Rams did 10,925,000 viewers, which was down 13% from last week.

Last year’s episode of Raw following the Survivor Series on Nov. 18, 2018, averaged 2,493,000 viewers. Last year’s show went against a larger Monday Night Football game that did 16,610,000 viewers. From year-to-year, this year’s post-Survivor Series show was down 15%.

In adults 18-49, Raw did a 0.71, which was up 4% and led to the show being fourth among cable programming on Monday night. The key demo saw a tune out of 18% from the first to the third hour.

In the key demos, Raw was up in 18-49, 18-34 by 7%, and males 12-34 by 16% compared to last week. Declines from last were virtually non-existent with 50+ down 3%, and males 18-49 down 1%.

When you breakdown the demos hour by hour, you typically see each hour drop from the last. However, there were two exceptions on Monday. With females 12-34, the show dipped in the second hour from a 0.35 to a 0.30 but rebounded slightly in the last hour to a 0.32. Conversely, with men 12-34, the demo increased from 0.51 to 0.56 in hour two and then fell to 0.45 in the last hour.

From the first to the third hour, the biggest loss was among males 18-49 which dropped 22% followed by people 18-49 falling 18% and people 25-54 down 17%. The demo that held up best from hour one was females 12-34 that saw a 9% drop by the third hour.

Here is the breakdown of the key demographics from Showbuzz Daily and the comparisons to last week and the change from hour one to hour three:

PEOPLE 18-49:

Last week: +4%
Hour 1-3: -18%

FEMALES 18-49:
Last week: +11%
Hour 1-3: -14.5%

MALES 18-49:
Last week: -1%
Hour 1-3: -22%

PEOPLE 18-34:

Last week: +7%
Hour 1-3: -16%

FEMALES 12-34:
Last week: +3%
Hour 1-3: -9%

MALES 12-34:
Last week: +16%
Hour 1-3: -12%

PEOPLE 25-54:
Last week: EVEN
Hour 1-3: -17%

Last week: -3%
Hour 1-3: -14%