WWE Raw falls to its third-lowest average of 2019

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Monday’s viewership totals for WWE Raw did not paint a positive picture with the program registering its third-lowest average of 2019.

The three-hour show averaged 2,133,000 viewers on the USA Network, which represents a drop of 9% drop from last week. The only episodes of Raw to fall below this number was the June 10th edition (2,125,000) that went against the NBA Finals and the September 9th show (2,130,000) that went against the first Monday Night Football game of the season.

Raw began with 2,326,000 viewers and dropped 8% in the second hour to 2,146,000. The third drop experienced an additional drop of 10% with the show built around the Divorce Court segment involving Rusev, Lana, and Bobby Lashley. Despite the success the segment saw on YouTube, the viewing pattern of the show told a different story regarding people sticking around for the third hour. The final hour of Raw was the fourth-lowest third hour of 2019.

The major loss was seen among female viewership with women 12-34 down 21% from last week’s show and a tune-out of 19% from the first to the third hour. Among women 18-49, they were down 12.5% from last week and down 26% from the first hour of the show to the third hour.

The only key demographic that stayed steady was males 18-49 where they were up 1% from last week but dropped 13% from the first hour to the third. Among 50+ viewership, they were down 8% from last week with a 0.93 over the three hours.

In the main 18-49 demographic, Raw did a 0.72 and was down 4% in that category.

Monday Night Football was less of an excuse this week as the game between the Miami Dolphins and Pittsburgh Steelers only did 9,975,000, which was the least-watched Monday night game of the season and a drop of 8% from last week’s game between the Patriots and Jets.

Here is a breakdown of the key demographics for this week’s Raw with comparisons to last week:

P 18-49: 0.72 (-4%)

F 18-49: 0.49 (-12.5%)

M 18-49: 0.95 (+1%)

P 18-34: 0.50 (-4%)

F 12-34: 0.34 (-21%)

M 12-34: 0.47 (-10%)

P 25-54: 0.85 (-3%)

P 50+: 0.93 (-8%)

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I think this shows a bit that the segments that people might watch on you tube are not the same as what keeps an audience tuned into a TV program especially for 3 hours.

Granted, I no expert on running a TV station so I am wondering whether the executives who sanctioned signing the new TV deal (For more money, I believe) should be getting really worried?

Whilst I’m disappointed that Sky Sports aren’t continuing their coverage next year, it seems they are the ones who saw sense.

You’d think that WWE would be putting on a better product considering AEW, however it seems they are aren’t bothered.

I don’t think USA is worried too much as it is still by far their highest rated program I believe. They may not be thrilled with it not being what it once was but it still does well for them.

Personally I have liked Raw the last 2 weeks compared to a lot of other Raw episodes over the last year or 2. But they can only do so much.

I completely agree with you - but it confuses me why ITV4 arent doubling down with the AEW. Their coverage is awful - when they could be stealing an audience

YouTube is all india mainly. They like these sorts of things bc sex is so taboo their and not one looks like Lana in that country lol

It isn’t only that they show promos online almost in their entirety but not matches so you are never going to get super high watch rates on matches in the WWE you tube channel when it relates to Raw if you look at their videos from last night. The Lashley Lana segment is 5 minutes, most of the match highlights are 1-3 min and typically they aren’t actually highlights just a selected portion of the match.

This company is creatively bankrupt. They got nothing left. They run the same plays for years. Whens the last creative gimick match. When’s the last big faction. When’s the last shocking match result in a main event people wanted to see (Fox debut excluded). The last impactful debut of a guy right to the main event scene. The last time a mid card title had a real feud.

A draft, a reunion show, some special attraction guests coming in for one offs to grab headlines. Watch, we’ll get the Slammy awards again!

Its matches where the only winners are 50/50 booking. Wins and losses don’t matter and not the way AEW is trying to make it, but literally characters on the show don’t seem to give a shit at all when they lose title matches or anything. It’s dumb story lines that make you cringe. It’s not funny. It’s not exciting, it has no urgency. Everyone feels like zombie characitures of themselves. How isn’t the roster embarrassed?

You know what this feels like, when everyone, including the talent get paid and complacency sits in and it’s going through the motions.